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  1. The polls do not support troops on the ground!

    Political Rhetoric
    I love it when the Dems say, "The polls do not support troops on the ground".... we are hearing that a lot these days.... No shit! Nobody likes war you dumb asses! Nobody likes sending their troops into harms way! Meanwhile, ISIS says "Off with their heads" This is where profound Leadership...
  2. Polls

    Political Rhetoric
    Are just that. That's why we have elections and don't choose Presidents from polls. :) 1980. Similar economic climate, many many many problems. Carter, who had beaten a republican incumbent, albeit not an elected one (Ford), got crushed in 1980 in spite of pre election polls to the contrary...
  3. Polls!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Finally the real Polls are coming out.Three major polls today show Romney ahead of BOBO.:))THumbsUp
  4. Polls!!

    Political Rhetoric
    I can not believe any of these polls,as the liberal press must be twisting the numbers.I understand there is a large number of people who have no clue,but zero can not be leading in all these Polls. I won't believe them and will continue my faith in the American people to oust this total disgust...
  5. CAIN and ROMNEY essentially tied in CNN polls now!!! Romney is going down!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Mitt Romney, Herman Cain tied nationally, CNN poll shows - Maggie Haberman - I just ponied up some more cha chang to the CAIN campaign fund!! If you haven't, please do if you can afford it! It takes two minutes and as little as $1 will help!! Cain in 2012...because seperation of...
  6. Polls. How Accurate Are They?

    PB Open Water
    So I read an interesting commentary the other day. It said that the current polls are flawed, due to two facts: 1) Republicans are less likely to discuss their politics because they often get LAMBASTED by rude Obama supporters when they mention who they're voting for. 2) Democrats are more...
  7. Anybody else notice these polls?

    Political Rhetoric
    I happened across a headline that said Obama 46% and McCain 44%. Next to it was 873 democrats in the survey and 650 republicans. By doing simple math here and assuming most people will vote party lines, why do they not equal the numbers out? It seems these numbers will be moving one direction...
  8. Obama has change of heart about Bush tax cuts as polls favor McCain

    Political Rhetoric Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama had a change of heart yesterday about one of his major campaign issues; the Bush Tax Cuts. The Associated Press quotes Obama as now saying that “he would delay rescinding President Bush's tax cuts on wealthy...