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  1. Joey Grose Pomona Pro Stock

    PB Open Water
    Congratulations to our own Joey Grose! He'll be competing tomorrow in NHRA Pro Stock in Pomona! Left Lane: Deric Kramer Runs 6.595/209.79, Now #14 Best prior run: 6.614/210.37, Was #15 Right Lane: Joey Grose Runs 6.603/208.94, Now #15...
  2. Pomona??

    PB Open Water
    Anyone else at the races? we are in section 11 right now, section 12 tomorrow.
  3. Pomona??

    Political Rhetoric
    Anyone else here? We are in section 11
  4. Pomona Boat Show

    PB Open Water
    Not many peeps! :(
  5. pomona boat show

    PB Open Water
    anyone here going this weekend????
  6. NHRA Pomona seating

    Jet Boats
    Anybody been on the west side? I lagged on buying tickets and now ticket master is sitting me way down at section 20, row 40! If i choose to sit on the west side i can be in section A, row 7. How do you get over to the west side? Is it a pain in the ass? I want to bring my son for the first...
  7. Pomona boat show

    PB Open Water
    Went down this morning, got in free with AAA and a free weekend at the Blue water. We got there early, didn't need to, only 4 people in line waiting to get the free weekend certificates. 2 hours after it opened they still had 20 of the free 3 day 2 night dertificates. Most people didn't even...
  8. CORR Races in Pomona

    PB Open Water
    :)handFor those of you that arent going to "Desert Storm" there's the races a at the Fairgrounds in Pomona..Our new car isnt finished so we will be running the old 1700 lb desert car not competative but still a bunch of fun..
  9. Pomona NHRA

    PB Open Water
    Who going? I'll be out there tomorrow:D Ahhh the smell of nitro:)devil