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  1. Jet Boats
    Hey guys, as many of you know, I'm racing now. I blew up a handhole cover last race and its way din the pod where we have to remove the suction housing to replace it. Should I just move forward with a popoff? I hate to notch the transom but...
  2. Races and Boating Events
    Info found here Willis
  3. Jet Boats
    Can anyone identify who made this popoff setup ? Thanks B
  4. Parts for Sale
    Have a brand new never used american turbine dominator suction housing 12-15-13, inspected by jack at mpd for core shift then double drilled, sent to ralls machine to have hand hole machined for the pop off, pop off is brand new as well never used. asking 2200.00 plus shipping . Items in...
  5. Parts for Sale
    - Dan Nelson 'pop off' valve. Complete with modifications/improvements by Jack McClure at MPD. Off Keith Zellmer/s PGJ. $1000 - Complete BBC Crower mechanical fuel injection. Two pumps, new tubes, and lots of of extra parts. Pumps have been serviced by Kinslers. Fits 9.800 deck blocks. New...
  6. Jet Boats
    Can somebody explain what the valve on top off some jet pumps is for. I am new to jet boats. I bought a 1978 26' Hawaiian Party Cruiser with a bbc that was not properly winterized(in MN) and cracked the block. It has Berkley 12 JC pump. Want to learn what I can about it. Thank you:)
  7. Parts for Sale
    Black hard-anodized John Mills popoff valve for sale. CO2 activated. Works flawlessly and doesnt leak or cut o-rings. One of the best pop-offs on the market today. $800.00 Black hard-anodized nozzle/droop spacer custom machined by MPD. lowers thrust line without bending the water as it exits...
  8. Jet Boats
    Thank God, Mike is ok. Is there a speed that neither will help getting a boat to sit straight while the engine fails? But since it was brought up in the other thread. I didn't want to take up pages with my ? I know on shut down the pop off works great to settle the boat, but would of a...
  9. Parts for Sale
    Miersch Pop Off Valve Fresh black anodizing Set up for a Dominator pump Completely gone through by Roy Miersch Ready to run $800
  10. Parts for Sale
    Miersch pop-off valve system...complete with valve, hold downs, co2 bottle, co2 bottle bracket, co2 regulator, and brain system...$1500+shipping
  11. Parts for Sale
    Meirsch Pop-Off Valve MPD Hold down clamp $1000 Set up for a Dominator suction housing.
  12. Jet Boats
    Here ya go Scott. Glad you had the restraint on and didn't loose the valve. The new bolts are a must.
  13. Jet Boats
    This is from last weekend @ Aha. It's our 19' CP making some test passes with the new pop-off & motor combo. The valve worked perfect and the boat seemed to respond well to the changes. We've got a few more adjustments, but it's getting close. I can't wait for summer. :D...
  14. Parts for Sale
    Have Nelson Popoff valve for sale . Complete from steering wheel switch , all wiring & valve. Works grate as a safety device. Price reduced $850.00 plus shipping contact me here or at [email protected]
  15. Jet Boats
    i have a 19 daytona im running 1100 hp on the bottle i want a popoff how far can i safely move my intake back? any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  16. Jet Boats
    Well i think this topic should be unique, i cant remember ever seeing a topic about them other than you guys showing your installs. How do they work? From what i remember hearing from back in the day when i was a kid at the races that they where ment to open and releive intake pressure and...
  17. Jet Boats
    Still need to insert the bulkhead and run the airline, but the hard parts done. Thanks again WG and GS Marine.;)
  18. Greg Shoemaker
    After many discussions about safety, we decided to add a "pop-off" valve to our boat instead of a "whirl-away". We went this way due to the bottom already being done, the correct motor location in relation to weight transfer and we didn't want to lose the rear seating. BUT, I had no idea how...
1-19 of 21 Results