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  1. O's uncle popped 4 DUI detained as an Illegal

    Political Rhetoric
    Let's see ole White House Press guy Carney blow this off (:)eek(:) Obama’s uncle arrested and held as illegal immigrant | Western Karsten
  2. Something popped in my pump today

    Jet Boats
    I had the boat in reverse today, and when I hit the throttle I heard a pop. When I put it in forward, It was fine at idle. I hit the gas and the engine just reves. I took it to the dock at a little over idle without problems. What do you guys think it is, a seal or something? Dosent make any bad...
  3. A V-drive Trailer Popped Up Today

    I am Not connected to this trailer at all and have not called. Thought this was a good deal and someone on this board might need it. Looks like an Ellis, or close. Popped up today on craigslist. Its in Kerman. Hope this helps someone out.