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    Jet Boats
    When i saw the post about it being taken down i immediatly downloaded the entire forum archive. After a few hours of writing a conversion script i rebuilt a forum with the archive i took. There was alot of good info on that forum and it can now be searched again. The one thing that sucks is...
  2. So if Hilary gets the popular vote .....

    Political Rhetoric
    Does that mean that Obama will be an illegitimate candidate? Hmmm... where have I heard this before???:D I have already seen some left wing blogs spinning why it doesn't matter.:)sphss
  3. What are the most popular lakes in the US?

    PB Open Water
    Other than Havasu, Mead, and Powell....
  4. more popular than

    PB Open Water
    I can't believe there are 128 fags online over at while there are only 78 people online over here.