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  1. posting an add for sale

    Community Help
    I cant figure out how to place an ad?
  2. Site posting problems

    Community Help
    I know I speak for everyone here- We all enjoy typing out a relpy and then trying to post it- sign in and have the site tell you you are not signed in, or have it tell you that you have entered a bad name/password....But I think the system could really be simplified; How about going back to when...
  3. sanger mini posting question

    sanger mini posting question/ I found posting don't need help question. there was a posting regarding installation on a sanger mini. It appeared that some one did not get what was represented. Im rebuilding a mini and I can't find the posting. If the person who responded could advise me who not...
  4. Help posting a video to the web.

    PB Open Water
    First time video poster here. Went skydiving this weekend (jumped solo with two jumpmasters 10,500 ft) and I wanted to share my video with a few friends. Video was shot with a GO-Pro hd? camera. Tried loading it to U-tube and get the error below. Yes 1 of 1> You uploaded a wide-screen (16:9)...
  5. Posting for a Friend

    Boats for Sale
    1965 Crestline 19' Merc 115 HP Needs work $1,000 (520) 483-4989 Or PM me and I'll make contact
  6. Posting Videos From Youtube,

    PB Open Water
    How do you save a link from youtube and post it up Thanks Brent
  7. Posting Problems Tests

    PB Open Water
    All, The posting problems have been very difficult to diagnose. They seem to affect people with older computers and are difficult to replicate. In an attempt to identify these issues we are turning off all AJAX features on the site. In plain english this means that some of the popup functions...
  8. Posting problems

    PB Open Water
    Am I the only one that can't seem to post more than about a sentence per post?
  9. Posting Photos

    I have posted a few photos on here! Who dreamed up this program, its bad you know! Way to much work!
  10. Posting Problems

    Community Help
    What's up with sometimes when posting the last word in the first line comes up repeated as the first line. It doesn't just happen to my posts or all the time, I've seen this happen to other people too. Also when trying to use smileys sometimes they won't apply to the post. Thanks
  11. Posting on 6 Plus Threads

    PB Open Water
    At one Time!!! LOL :wink2:
  12. ((((((((((Posting parts for sale for a friend))))))))))

    Parts for Sale
    Crower enduro crank 4.250 $1500.00 Dart BigM STD deck block $1800.00 JE Blower pistons PT# 181991 4.530 $700.00 Probe pistons 12:1 4.530 $500.00 Eagle rods 6.385 with I19 bolt upgrade $500.00 Steve Long Racing cam for blown alky $300.00 Mooneyham 1071 blower $2000.00 Enderly Bird catcher...
  13. Posting Pics Question

    PB Open Water
    How do you put full sized photos in your post? Some Member's pics are small thumbnails, others (mine included) are medium sized thumbnails, and some members pics are full sized photos. I am using the attachment icon (paperclip) and attaching photos from the pop up window.
  14. Whats with posting pics.

    PB Open Water
    From PC or URL. Wait, wait, wait. 5 times I tried.
  15. posting head count for pedro

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    who's in for sure !!!!!NO WAFFELING!!!!TUNNEL T
  16. Posting from the iphone

    Jet Boats
    It did not work last time I tried, since the upadte to 3.0 OS it has become possible. Sweet!!!:D
  17. Polaris 1997 1050CC, posting for a buddy

    Boats for Sale
    SLTX three seater runs strong always garaged low hours only used once or twice in the last few years. Very clean, includes single trailer. Located in Havi. Keith 951-538-2040
  18. Posting For Friend!

    Boats for Sale
  19. Picture Posting Tutorial

    Test Post
    Basics on posting pics on the forums. The following is based upon MS Internet Explorer, I am not familiar with other browsers so all of the below may not apply to other than IE. First thing is you must have your image hosted somewhere on the internet.. This can be in our "User Photos" section...
  20. Who is posting from...

    PB Open Water
    the inlaws on Christmas???