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  1. Under 30' Wraith Power Boats 28 Ft. Cat

    Boats for Sale
    Wraith powerboats 2020 28 Ft Cat, 5 yr. Manufactures hull warranty LS3 1125 HP Supercharged Motor with Dry Sump System , Max Machine Custom Built Super Drive, Holley Full Management Touch Screen in Dash Digital Gauge System! This Gray , Black n Red Beast runs 115 to 120 Mph and is equipped with...
  2. Eng. Parts Wtd BBC Imco power flow 90 or 30 degree risers

    Parts for Sale
    Hunting for some 30 or 90 degree imco water cooled risers for powerflow plus manifolds the risers need to fit the attached manifolds please pm
  3. MSD Power Grid

    Jet Boats
    Ok whos running it and if you have pics please show them. Thank you
  4. Info about a Magic Power 240 Legend hull?

    PB Open Water
    I've tried google, etc trying to find more info about this type of boat/hull from the late 80s early 90s? Some direction about them would be great. Most stuff I seem to come across is their later boats. Thanks RustyNCA
  5. Imco Thumper Power Exhaust BBC

    Parts for Sale
    I have a set of polished Imco Thumper Power Exhaust manifolds that are used but in good condition. They come with a set of ARP stainless 12 point hardware. $950
  6. New bds power bar regulator $100

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    Cost $140 $100 SHIPPED
  7. China, Planning to become "thee" World Power?

    Political Rhetoric
    China has been playing the US for years. They are very clever, but as our technologies get stolen and used against us, we must stop them. Their base in the South Sea, built under the watchful eye of the pussy Hussein Opricksucker, tells you their intents are real. A tariff war is ok with me, I...
  8. Looking to build a 21’ tunnel...what power?

    PB Open Water
    What would you do for power on a 21 feet tunnel?(jet,single or twin outboard) and why thanks I’m Leaning toward a single outboard. Being that It will give me alot of move in the boat and save on gas. What would sell fast too?
  9. How deep should jet be under power?

    Jet Boats
    Still learning about my jet boat. I happened to be in the back seat and looked at the jet and was surprised to see the jet was just about all the way out of the water. Is this how it is supposed to be?
  10. [SOLD] New MSD power grid ignition system with coil

    Parts for Sale
    Bought the system new in july 2017. I made 3 passes in drag jet boat and shortly afterward sold the motor and kept the grid to use on new motor. Went with holly dominator efi so dont need the grid. Its a really nice system. 7720,7730,8261 coil. $850 and its in shreveport, louisiana...
  11. Wanted eliminator daytona 23'/25' I/O less power

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    Delete delete
  12. [Question] Jetstar 19 footer 460 power

    Jet Boats
    Is the hull any good any thing I need to know first jet boat and I am new to the forum thanks for any and all help
  13. Drive/Trans USED Power Take Off Adapter FOR Chevy 1310 Flexplate

    Parts for Sale
    NEED USED got it
  14. Stern power parts ?

    PB Open Water
    does anyone know where to get stern power out drive parts ? just got a old Demarco with a old stern power, needs a little work.
  15. 25' Power Play Sport Deck w/o power $8K

    Boats for Sale
    1993 25' Power Play Sport Deck for sale without power - East Coast built boat - not many 25's made and fewer on the market - gaffrig/livorsi gauges (less GPS speedo), offshore throttle, clean interior, Bennett dual ram tabs, 90 gallon belly tank, sitting on an aluminum I-beam tandem trailer with...
  16. AFR, BSFC, Stioch, Max Power

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Have had this thought rolling around in my mind for a bit. I think we touched on the subject years ago. Can't find the thread though. Anyway, if: an AFR is stoichiometric, then presumably all the oxygen in the air is reacted with all the fuel in the air and there's none of either left over...
  17. 1986 Stoker 26' Super Sport Tunnel-No Power

    Boats for Sale
    1986 Stoker 26' Super Sport Tunnel. Last rigged with twin Mercury 2.5 V-6s. New interior at start of last season. No steering. Full Livorsi instruments. Latham shifts, Hot Foot throttle, new shift and throttle cables. Two full covers plus bimini top. New bunks on trailer. Asking $6900 or BRO...
  18. 1991 23' Warlock - no power

    Boats for Sale
    Selling my 1991 23' Warlock less motor - *drop in your BBC and your ready for some boatin'! Very clean - matching bimini, tonneau cover and full mooring cover, Bravo 1 drive, Bennett tabs, powdercoated tandem trailer $9,500 with old motor that's 'toast' **unable to post pics - admin message...
  19. Imco Power Flow exhast

    Parts for Sale
    Imco Power Flow exhast *PRICE DROP* One set of Big Block Chevy Imco powerflows for sale. Decent shape, but could use a quick once over polish. No leaks, they come with risers and tails, as seen in the pics. $980 obo shipped to the lower 48!!!!:))THumbsUp Adam 925-360-6711, call or...
  20. Power steering problem please help!

    I have a 1986 Dana ss 21 foot with inboard outboard set up. It has a Volvo 290 outdrive. For some reason my power steering fluid is building up so much pressure it is spraying out of the cap. If I drive it 10 minutes and check the power steering fluid level its almost dry and have to fill it...