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  1. A Life Jacket and a Prayer

    PB Open Water
    A Life Jacket and a Prayer 8/23/2016 ​This past weekend a family of four headed out for a day of boating a husband, wife and two infants they probably enjoyed their day and as darkness fell they headed in up the Indian River and that's when their day of boating changed. I don't know every...
  2. Prayer Support

    To Roaddog sorry to here about your wife hope she coming home soon so you can take care of your best friend. I don't know you but my prayers are with you.
  3. Please say a prayer for Steve D

    Steve D is in the hospital getting Chemotherapy. Also he has 103dg. temp. I just got this info from his brother in law Tommy who is on his way to the hospital to see him. this is not the first time for Steve so lets keep him in our thoughts and prayers. Get well Steve.
  4. Need a prayer for my buddy - Jim Youngblood

    PB Open Water
    He's battling skin cancer. He is holding his own and is waiting for some tests to come back. He's been through a lot, but he's a tough ole fart! :) This is the Jim Youngblood from "Youngblood Performance Boats". I met him in the mid 80's and worked for him after that. He was my mentor for...
  5. Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

    Political Rhetoric
    This is a great speach by Dr. Benjamin Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast. Watch Obama at abou the 18 minute mark, when he hits the nail on the head. Dr. Benjamin Carson's Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with Obama Present - YouTube
  6. Sandy Hook Prayer Vigil a Political Rally - Shameful

    Political Rhetoric
    The interfaith prayer vigil was quite moving right up to the point they let politicians get in front of the microphone. I am appalled at how the politicians and news media have turned the Sandy Hook prayer vigil into another bullshit political news moment. Is this what we have come to? Is it...
  7. My Prayer Answered!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Dick Morris,just announced on Hannity he is in serious details to be Romney's Campaign Manager.I pray it will be,as if so zero put your JOCK on this is going to be brutal and how a real campaign manager runs this.:))THumbsUp I promise you this will be the most incredible campaign ordeal in...
  8. Please Say a Prayer for my friend!!

    PB Open Water
    My friend went to the hospital on Tuesday with severe chest pains and tingling in his arms. Because of his age they dismissed it as an anxiety attack and sent him home. He returned to the hospital a few hours later because the pain was getting worse. They again dismissed it as an anxiety attack...
  9. Mr Warhawk Prayer

    East Coast - South
    Mr Warhawk "aka" Danny Ennis is not doing good is waiting on a liver transplant so things right now are not in his favor so if everyone can keep him in your prayers for a donor and speedy recovery, he has been in and out of the hospital every week now for the past few months, he keeps collecting...
  10. Say a prayer for the Doctors and Nurses

    When Herb gets up and around at the hospital, they are gonna need help!!!:D
  11. Say a prayer for Herb

    For those of you who know Herb Pinckney he went in for emergency heart surgery today. Thanks god they found it in time and they scheduled the surgery. Herb is THE MOST COMPETITIVE person I have ever met so I am sure he will fight it all the way. I heard he was more upset that he was not going to...
  12. Merry Christmas you bastards .and say a prayer for my lil buddy

    PB Open Water
    Best wishes to all of you! I have 2 days left here in the frozen GWN and I'm outta here for 2 weeks. Pass some Christmas wishes and prayers my buddy to Kim, his wife Marcy and thier girls. Kims sick and he could use some prayers. I prolly shouldnt be posting this but the lil ****** aint...
  13. If you believe in Prayer, key here. I need you!

    We have a really 'Good Guy' on his way to Harbor Medical in Seattle following a race boat crash today. Terry has many serious injurys and I am not qualified or the best informed to list them. I do know he is listed as critical. He was ejected from his boat after it ran aground at high speed...
  14. Say a little prayer for "Double D "

    PB Open Water
    PHOENIX (TICKER) —Arizona Diamondbacks lefthander Doug Davis on Friday was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Davis will undergo surgery on April 10 and begin treatment soon after the procedure. “Our thoughts are with Doug and his family through this time,” Diamondbacks general manager Josh Byrnes...
  15. Prayer request

    PB Open Water
    JBG crashed at Ming today and is in the hospital. Let's keep him in our prayers.