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  1. David Cameron Schools Pres. Obama

    Political Rhetoric
    Finally, someone telling it like it is. David Cameron confronts Obama on roots of Islamist extremism - Washington Times
  2. your pos pres. lied to you, what are you going to do about it?

    Political Rhetoric
    The Benghzi report was released and confirms what we already knew, zero is a blatant lier. WE cannot stand by and let this lying POS pres. have no regard for US citizens. Grow some balls and come to the aid of your country. Withold your taxes by puting them in escrow until things change, real...
  3. Dear Pres Obama

    Political Rhetoric
    Dear President Obama, You have spoke of change but it has been the same bullshit...But I have come up with a new spending budget that the American people would agree with... STOP THE FOREIGN AID and use the Billons of Dollars to repair our damaged cities caused by this bitch of a storm called...
  4. NJBA pres crash

    Just found this in JB section
  5. Trumps "Can of whoopa$$" on the Pres

    Political Rhetoric
    Whats a crackup this is a "must watch" The Donald Bagging on Obama :D From The Desk Of Donald Trump: Inconsiderate Obama - YouTube
  6. Pres Clinton

    Political Rhetoric
    Where has Clinton been the last couple weeks I dieing to hear his take on Cain:shock:
  7. Pres Obama at Bracket airport in La Verne

    PB Open Water
    So my old man calls me and I tell him that pres obama is at brackett airport. Their are cops, fireman, national guard, protestors, helicoptors everywhere....he says "hmmm...He must be recruiting some homies from pomona, you know slappin skin and throwin bones" I was rollin on the floor
  8. A Gold Star for the Pres

    Political Rhetoric
    The President today really jumped on the Wqll Street execs who took/gave bonus money from us taxpayers at the end of December. His language was very strong for any politician. I'm not a fan of his, but I like the way he's starting thing off, with the strong exception of the stimulation money...
  9. frickin pres. elect!!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    I cant even watch this guy flap his purple lips already!!!! gonna spend BILLIONS refurbishing FEDERAL buildings first to SAVE us taxpayers "in the long run" and now a 1.3 TRILLION $$ deficit.........WTF:|err Betcha he uses union labor only!!
  10. what oil port on a bbc do i use for oil pres.

    Jet Boats
    does it matter what oil port on the side of a bbc i use for the mech oil pressure gauge , i now have the large middle hole set up to do the job but before i run it i would like to make sure this is correct ive seen that some people are using the rear small hole, and i got a little nervous that...
  11. proper fuel pres. for a holly

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Sorry for the dumb Q? I've bought 2 new holly regulators to go with my holly blue pump, and I can't get either one under 9 psi. I pulled the float adj. plugs and at 9 psi nothing was coming out there??