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  1. This is pretty "Cool"

    Political Rhetoric
    > Trump Christmas > > Twas the night before Christmas, and up in the tower, > The Donald reflected on his newfound power. > The conservative masses had come out in force, > And delivered a victory that would chart a new course. > > The snowflakes were shell-shocked with tears in their eyes, >...
  2. Pretty much expected this result

    Political Rhetoric
    My Way News - Justice Dept.: No criminal charges for ex-IRS official Same will go for hildabeasts email investigation...most corrupt administration in history
  3. Under 23' 1978 Sanger Mini Day Cruiser pretty much all original . Solid and clean

    Boats for Sale
    listing this for a Buddy Bryan Bond.. 209-712-6002 .. 1978 Sanger Mini Day Cruiser V-Drive . turn Key .. please call him i'm just posting this for him. This was one of my old boats i bought Racerrick and i got it running and sold it all put together . Bryan then went and cleaned it up really...
  4. Pretty Sure Bob would have liked this....

    GN7 On the Dyno
    - and I wish he were here to chat, or even argue about it with me. New Boostpower 588 ....almost ready..... UD
  5. Pretty badass...i want a full scale version

    Jet Boats
    Wonder what a full size working version would run $$ the very least you would never have to worry about cast aluminum cracking!CNC Precision Jet Boat Drive - X-Large
  6. Pretty much sums it Up !

    Political Rhetoric
  7. I'm pretty sure I broke my motor before my boat ever seen the water

    Jet Boats
    okay so I went to adjust my timing today and I plug it up to the water hose that water run through it started it I was at 8 9 before TDC and I was going to take it out to 14 and as I did that I reved it a* bit at 3000 check the advance tapped it to 4000 rpm and then got right off of it and...
  8. Pretty damn cool!

    Outboard Church
  9. The "JOBS REPORT" was pretty good.... BUT....

    Political Rhetoric
    hil:) GEEEE, I wonder whyyyy... hil:)
  10. Pretty much sums it up.....

    PB Open Water
  11. Looks like they worked the son of bitch over pretty good

    Political Rhetoric
    Hopefully after they get what they need out of him they stomp his guts out and throw him in a dumpster.
  12. My new "Play Pretty"-- My first Offshore boat!

    PB Open Water
    '93 Howard Custom Boats 23' Offshore. One of the very few specifically built for outboards... and this one for twins. Two fresh Merc 245HP Offshores for power. First timer for me in owning an offshore boat, let alone twins. I will quickly become acclimated with its quirks, but I have found none...
  13. Pretty much sums it up

    Political Rhetoric
  14. She sounds pretty healthy

    Jet Boats
    Helped my buddy get his Hallett goin again. Haden't started her in almost 6 months. BBC dynoed at a little over 500HP about 3 years ago. The boat is a '79 Hallett Sprint and she aint the prettiest thing around. I call her "River Turd". Video was taken w/ a iphone so sorry for the crappy quality...
  15. Obama and our allies. Pretty funny Video.

    Political Rhetoric
    OBAMA: All countries are close allies!! - YouTube This shows he should really hang up the teleprompter and say what he really feels about an alliance. You really need a prompter for that or are you just not intelligent enough to come up with new phrases and explanations?
  16. [For Sale] 1969 Camaro Conv & 1963 Impala Both pretty trick F/S F/T

    Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    I need to make some room and willing to sell or trade 1 or both. Mt interests would be 26' plus cats, Really nice flat bottoms? Jeep, Bronco Crawlers? No Sand toys, No motor cycles please. call text 707-391 five-five-zero-five E mail corey at 1969 Camaro is 7.5 out 10 Very...
  17. Another trillion please????? Pretty Please?

    Political Rhetoric
    The Kenyan is seeking another trillion increase in the debt ceiling to further bankrupt America. Here's what he thought about that when the previous administration requested it: "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a...
  18. Post your GN Race Videos here, pretty please??? :)

    Grand National Racing Assoc - GNRA
    Ok, I will start... Burley... Lets lump them all in ONE thread... :D
  19. Pretty Creepy, "O"s got a new website

    Political Rhetoric
    "O" at it again fighting the American People and putting one against there Nieghbors. 2009 it was Fight the Smears about the Odumbo Care. Then he had the WH run send us the stuff you find on Blogs so we can shut them down Site. Don't forget the Obama web site run by the Black Panthers that...