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  1. Political Rhetoric
    I'd give everyone a vacation who can't figure out how to quote. In addition I would include the people who failed to repair quotes when quoting someone who failed to quote in the first place. Just sayin. :happy:
  2. Political Rhetoric
    PRF rightie group photo!! All the blind sheep!! Doc with his rose colored glasses! Thatguy, Zer058, JD sniffing Doc's ass, Wolfie, Sold Honda, 2MM, Shelfo, Forkin Crazy :lmao1:
  3. Political Rhetoric
  4. Political Rhetoric
    I recently sent a pm to jet daytona asking him this very question. Why bother ? What do you accomplish? Other than arguing amongst yourselfs and acting childlike what are you doing ? Even if everyone you've ever disagreed with changed thier affiliation and agreed to vote your way what are we...
  5. Political Rhetoric
    Here in Teabaggerstan I think the accused "trolls" here are actually more like the truth police.:))THumbsUp Most troll accusations are made after some righties here are confronted by real information or equally valid opinions.......I think being considered a troll here is actually a compliment...
  6. Political Rhetoric
    This is off PRF topic, but I feel I should acknowledge "SoldHondaBoughtHondo"'s help in finding SOUND on my computer.. He showed up last night and spent over an hour trying to get me straightened out with sound, and seeing I was exposed without antivirus protection, he used his vast computer...
  7. Political Rhetoric
    I've made at least 5 great jokes in the last 2 days. I like to go back and see the responses. Rubber Baron. :D That was funny. Anyone?
  8. Political Rhetoric
    How about we leave the PRF for politics and lets take the drama to gray water.