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  1. Senate Judiciary To Meet In Private On Trump-Russia

    Political Rhetoric
    The Senate Judiciary Committee was to meet in an open forum with Manafort and Trump, Jr. The committee has also called Glenn Simpson (Co-founder of Fusion-GPS) to testify as well. The democrats on the committee have now called for a closed meeting with all parties. I wonder what the democrats...
  2. private messaging seemes to have stopped working

    Community Help
    I sent a private message to a member, received a response, and now I cannot seem to reply, or send a brand new private message. What might I be doing wrong please? Ever time I send, nothing is in my SENT area. I have a total of 2 messages in my system. The computer generated one, and the single...
  3. BS in Private Messages

    PB Open Water
    Can't read my PM's because the stupid TOYOTA ads cover them up, am I crazy but I can't close them.
  4. Private schooling

    Political Rhetoric
    My rant yesterday on another thread wasn't very informative and thought out, I apologize was mainly triggered by a news letter I received yesterday from my sons high school....first year attending, stating " All students will be staying an extra hour in the classrooms" .....I guess their...
  5. Muhammad Ali has done his last private signing

    PB Open Water
    After nearly 50 years of being in the public limelight, some good and some not so good, Muhammad Ali is done signing autographs for Joe Public. I had the pleasure of having dinner with him a couple times in the early 90s in Anaheim and he was quite fascinating to listen to and watch.
  6. Lake Home. Private Secluded Wonderful Lake View. Oklahoma

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Our 3,000 sq/ft 3 story home is for sale. 3 years old. No neighbors. 6 acres of lake view property. PM for details. Serious inquiries only please. $420,000.00 More pics here. Lake House pictures by Moritzguy - Photobucket
  7. He wasn't all wrong saying "The private sector is doing just fine"

    Political Rhetoric
    Turns out that many segments of our society are seeing their businesses boom. Pawn shops, bankruptcy lawyers, repo men, food stamp card makers, disability advocates, unemployment offices and government regulators, just to name a few have experienced big growth and are really booming in this...
  8. Onumbnutz says the "private sector is doing fine"

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems there isn't anybody to blame, because everything is fine. I love the line about the state and local governments not having the same flexibilty as the feds. READ...." poor bastards don't have a printing press". If the state and local governments had more FEDERAL money they could hire...
  9. Obama on Pprah's private plane

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama on Oprah's private plane Obama was on a plane with his wife, Michelle and Oprah. Obama looked at Oprah, chuckled and said, 'You know, I could throw a $1,000 bill out of the window right now and make somebody very happy. Oprah shrugged her shoulders and replied, 'I...
  10. Public Morality vs Private Morality

    Political Rhetoric
    This video clearly explains Mitt's strange morality priorities.... Robert Reich: Romney Has Public and Private Morality Upside Down
  11. Grand Island with private boat dock

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    My dad and brother own 65 acres on Grand Island. 1 mile south of the Ryde Hotel. South of Walnut Grove. Small house (refurbished double wide) shop (twice the size) and a new modern 65' boat dock. Dock is H shaped and can fit 6 boats. There's a gazebo, hot tub, decking. about 100 fruit trees...
  12. Michelle O's Private Trip To Martha's Vinyard

    Political Rhetoric
    Well it seems the O's continue to show America they have absolutly no plans to reduce thier lottery spending spree. Seems the Wookie needed to take a seperate jet and enterage including security and seperate motorcaid to Martha's Vinyard so she could get in another 5 hrs of vacation instead of...
  13. Government employees vs the private sector?

    Political Rhetoric
    Few trends are more dangerous than this one taking place right under our noses:
  14. Public vs. Private Pay

    Political Rhetoric
    I stumbled upon this in the Orange County Register recently. I am sure this is all very general but interesting just the same. Any thoughts? I just added the full report, 14 pages, not sure if it will load in pdf.
  15. ATT INVESTORS: NEED A 400K PRIVATE MORTGAGE on a 1.2M purchase

    PB Open Water
    TOBTEK is online now Join Date: Jan 2008 Posts: 1,211 Images: 107 Any Investors. in the House? 400K private Mortgage needed. Have a client buying a 1.2 Million dollar home. Putting $800,000.00 cash down. Wants a 3 year OR shorter loan for the 400K balance. This home being purchase will...
  16. Should your e-mail remain private?

    PB Open Water
    The press has some how secured and released e-mails from the South Carolina gov. to his girlfriend. How did his e-mail become public and is that a violation of his privacy. Have you ever sent a e-mail that you wouldn't want made public?
  17. Need help finding someone, know any good private investigators?

    PB Open Water
    Hello, This isn't a negative situation or anything of that magnitude. I need help locating an individual. I know limited information such as name, age within 2 years, and fairly close location of where he lived in the mid 80s. I may know the schools he attended in the area back then. I have...
  18. Private Party RV Rental

    PB Open Water
    Can someone point me in the direction of a private party RV rental clearinghouse. Looking to rent one for about four days. Thanks, Brendan
  19. Nancy Pelosi's private airline

    PB Open Water
    There was a recent thread about how the Speaker of the House was using the AF, and that thread linked to a Snopes "false" page. Maybe not so false, and once again calls into question the validity of Snopes...
  20. Site for private party RV Rentals?

    PB Open Water
    Is there anything like this out there?