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  1. fuel prob maybe?

    Greg Shoemaker
    Hi Greg ,what is my problem here ,at wot this happens but when I'm not into throttle that hard its fine,is it a fuel delivery problem maybe, it climbs right up to 4500 rpm and then starts to do this .........JUST ACTS LIKE IT STARVING FOR THE FUEL AT HIGH RMP 2007 LIBERATOR TUNNEL HULL...
  2. Possible Electrical Prob??

    Jet Boats
    I have a question that I think is electrical related... Running through some rough water the boat died... I hit one wake, felt like I'd dropped throttle then back to normal - this happened 2x. Then one more time it did the same but died. As soon as I came to a stop it refired and ran strong...
  3. GM fuel gauge prob... Gauge cluster or sending unit?

    PB Open Water
    The fuel gauge on my 2004 GMC Yukon did a strange thing yesterday. It pinned the fuel gauge showing way over full. At first I was thinking the sending unit has gone bad, but when the car is turned off the gauge only drops to half instead of all the way down. Because the gauge drops to half...
  4. Vibration Prob

    Jet Boats
    Hey you guys, wondering if you could give a little advice with my boat. I took it out last weekend ran good until half way part of the day I get this vibration through the hull. It was worst the first day it happened but not as bad the day after. Did not want to drive it as much, worried if...
  5. Prob with URLS...

    Community Help
    I'm having a prob posting URLs when I click the url button I get a pop up with a PHP error.