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  1. Fuel pump problems

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have cam driven fuel pump made by chandler-evans ce9141, that carson brummett told me was off of a wwii p51 mustang his guy in van nuys,ca doesn't repair them anymore.the pump works fine it leaks out the driveshaft any information or advice on the repair or were to get parts would be...
  2. Shifting problems need help wit diagnostics

    Bob Teague
    So i have 85 chris craft scorpion ltd w/ alpha1 gen1 drive, 300 tempest MerCrusier motor and has a 144 b&M supercharger on it. The motor had some issue's last year with vacuum leaks and what i thought might be the distributor which was the stock merc thunderbolt IV. i fixed the leaks and...
  3. Help with Troubleshooting shift problems PLZ

    PB Open Water
    So i have 85 chris craft scorpion ltd w/ alpha1 gen1 drive, 300 tempest MerCrusier motor and has a 144 b&M supercharger on it. The motor had some issue's last year with vacuum leaks and what i thought might be the distributor which was the stock merc thunderbolt IV. i fixed the leaks and...
  4. Caitlyn has problems...

    PB Open Water
  5. sxs/rhinoid problems

    PB Open Water
    looking for some one with a diagnostic machine in bullhead or havazoo i have a chevy ecotech 2.2 i put in my rhiniod slash razor slash sxs and it wont start turns over has 55-60 # of fuel preshure but im not getting spark for some reason it ran killer cruised to my buddies house shut it off went...
  6. Fuel pressure problems

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Fuel pressure question: Fuel system loses pressure after sitting for 10 minutes or so. Verified by dash mounted mechanical fuel pressure gauge. Components as follows: Clay Smith mechanical pump Holley fuel pressure regulator HP 950 carb with fresh gaskets, floats and needle & seat. When on...
  7. More Skeletons -- Flex Plate Problems

    Finished up the shaft seal last week. Went out Sunday for test run. Blew 5 teeth of flex plate. :)bit Motor is a 427 BBC, 168 tooth scat SFI flex plate, 11 tooth Summit mini starter. Noticed something as I was taking everything apart. Flex plate was on backwards. As a result the starter wasn't...
  8. end of the summer motor problems

    Jet Boats
    I dont even know where to start.....I had to replace the gas tank in my 74 Tahiti (455) due to rust on the bottom of the original tank. Once replaced I took her out for a test run and she started bogging down at low rpm. Almost seemed like some carb adjustment or timing. (Which was...
  9. Oil pressure problems!

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Ok, my friends 540 just had the lower end gone through. New crank and bearings. A Moroso high volume pump was used. Oil pressure is good when first started runs up to 60psi at speed, come off plane and at idle it drops to 0 zip nothing. What the hell is going on here? It is almost like...
  10. Forum Problems

    Is anyone other than me having huge problems with these pop up ads that cover my entire screen? has added an ad program that has these focking ads that keep poping up ALL the time and you have to close the two or three that cover my screen before you can read a post. then before a few...
  11. [Question] Inboard jet having problems getting on step

    Jet Boats
    I have a Alaska Sportsman Phantom jet inboard with a 200HP Mercury V6 optimax jet drive system. The motor sounds great but it wont get on step very well? Any thoughts?
  12. 496 HO Problems - Help Please

    Have a 2001 Baja with a 496HO. It idles fine, runs great at mid-range rpm (3000-3800), runs great at higher rpm (3800+) occasionally if engine is cool. Once the engine warms up, if you try to maintain an rpm higher than 4000 it starts cutting out. It doesn't seem to backfire, it doesn't drop...
  13. replaced fuel pump, new problems

    Bob Teague
    TCM, I've got a 572 BBC and had an oil leak. After some detective work, I narrowed it down to my Edelbrock fuel pump (non-marine). My mechanic replaced the unit with the Baker ProCom 1/2'' inlet/outlet fuel pump from your website. He tested it and everything was good. I took the boat out on...
  14. Ignition Problems with my 502

    Jet Boats
    I have an Eliminator Whaler with a 502 engine with a Mallory Ignition system in the boat. The problem I am having is that the boat starts to miss at about 3000 RPM through 4800 RPM. I am thinking of replacing the ignition system because the ignition sometime just quits and there is just no...
  15. Site posting problems

    Community Help
    I know I speak for everyone here- We all enjoy typing out a relpy and then trying to post it- sign in and have the site tell you you are not signed in, or have it tell you that you have entered a bad name/password....But I think the system could really be simplified; How about going back to when...
  16. Admin: O-care Problems To Bankrupt Ins Co.

    Political Rhetoric
    Maybe I'm wrong here, but I thought that was the plan O had to begin with. Administration fears part of health care system so flawed it could bankrupt insurance companies | Fox News
  17. Is the site having problems again?

    PB Open Water
    Is it just my browsers or does everyone get garbage when they click the What's New button? All I get is stuff like, "soandso replied to a thread din Forumdisplay.php?f=88". Don't they have tech people to keep this site running properly? :rolleyes:
  18. site problems anybody else

    PB Open Water
    cant answer any pm,s get a white blank page and i cant edit anything...whats up ?
  19. problems with gas in parker??

    Jet Boats
    I know this topic has been hashed before, just curious if anyone has had problems with the chevron on the corner in Parker in the last 5 weeks? Just drained tanks after vacation, and the gas looks (rusty) and smells terrible (rotten), not anything like what I get at our chevrons here in Idaho...
  20. Gel coat problems, need assistance

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I have a 77 spectra 20 jet. Great family cruiser. The top of the boat from rub rail is getting the long wide cracks. Alligatoring on deck. . My delema is how to fix this. Do I send for blasting to remove gel? Have a new deck built from a mold. Or shit can the hull and re rig another.