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  1. Some slow progress

    Believe it or not I actually have been making some progress on the old Belmont. It has been very slow but steady. Here's a little teaser. Doing some mockup and Dy-Chem work, getting ready to machine the intake manifold top plate for 6 of these beautiesšŸ˜
  2. progress pics of the kurtis

    holy shit you think you know but really you have no idea i really dislike stupid people almost ready for sanding gotta love when your stringer washers crumble in your hands the dirt is all from under the foot pedal

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Hello. I know a lot of us have tried to re-flake a boat in our long list of boat projects. Most of us that have tried, swore that we would never attempt it again. We have tried many methods...many guns...many mixing ratios..many intercoat clears for flakes...waited forever for clearcoats to...
  4. Canfield progress...

    GN7 On the Dyno
    It's been slow going but I am making progress. Been working on a new 360cc port, 2.30 or 2.35 valve. This one is 2.35, 2.155 throat, 45*, 3.55 mcsa, standard layout. Numbers so far; Right port: .2 169 .3 242 .4 310 .5 365 .6 403 .7 422 .8 427 .9 433 1.0 438 Still haven't finished the chamber...
  5. Biesemeyer k boat progress, elsinore jan 1st coming quick

    looking for a couple of items to get her on the water RH whirlaway for my 10* casale, already got some 40 gears zoomies lifeline jacket (i'm 6'0 170lbs) helmet (hat size is 7 1/2") passenger seat blower belt guard other than that i pretty much am ready to run My brothers barron needs...
  6. have loaders made any progress in 20 years?

    Jet Boats
    I am not sure how old the loader is on my boat, but I am wondering...have it magged...or has there been any major gains in the past 20 years or so?
  7. Mandella progress

    The motor is in I added a new high torque starter, one wire marine alternator, Holley electric fuel pump, impeller, all new plumbing, valve covers serviced the vdrive and transmission and added all new led lights to the trailer with new bunks too.
  8. Sanger progress, transom

    So I have the transom wood all removed, most of it fell off. The rot was incredible. I cut the back 18" of the port stringer off, and am going to cut enough off the starboard stringer to make room for prepping and installing transom. Questions! The transom plywood measures 1/2" thick...
  9. Let's measure his progress with Green Jobs, shall we?

    Political Rhetoric
    As part of the Obama green energy program, the goal was to train 124,893 people, and place 79,854 (64%) in new green jobs. After 17 months, the results of the green jobs program indicate that only 52,762 were trained, and only 8,035 got green jobs ā€“ each job costs tax payers about $62,000. (U.S...
  10. Topac Progress

    PB Open Water
    :))THumbsUp IT'S OFFICIAL... TOPOCK IS BACK! Itā€™s been a roller coaster ride of a journey... There have been ups and downs during the permitting process, changes in lenders, and a host of other challenges; all happening during the worst economy in memory, but itā€™s finally happened!! The...
  11. making some progress on the boat..maybe wamplers but not for sure

    Michigan Hot Boats
    posted a pick in the dyno section but thought i would throw one up in here..slow but sure..hope to dyno/break in next month.. jeff
  12. Progress

    Jet Boats
    made a lot of progress on the boat! finished up the fuel lines and completed the electrical work. i just need to connect the water lines and attach the throttle cable. i think im going to let a pro handle that tho, i dont want to hook them up the wrong way
  13. progress on the stevens

    I got to work on the stevens some after work this week.the days of all nighters are long gone got the pickup plumbed water hoses routed had an alternator and pulley in the shed fab a bracket and got it mounted got a starter on it fab a plate to hold the coil start solenoid circuit breaker and 10...
  14. [Pics] K-24 Progress Pic May 2012

    I went down to S&S yesterday and met Steve for a quick photo shoot. The boat is pretty much done....See if you can find Rayzor's influence on the boat. :D I really like how the boat is bolted to the dolly. I'm not sure I would've went quite that large on the fastners but what do I know? :D :D...
  15. TR-2 progress report

    Well I've got the sled running couple of weeks ago, ran it today with the new headers. One of the banjo fittings has a small leak after new gaskets grrrrr Noticed a little oil leak after 1/2 hour of run time about the size of a quarter grrrrr I HATE oil leaks!!! Noticed an intermittent pop when...
  16. [Pics] January Progress

    Michigan Hot Boats
    All these hoses are hooked up the cooling system is all together. I got a little carried away because I had a bunch of used stuff and the boat was raced at Parker so it came with a bunch of NO 12 heavy duty stuff. Each one of those hoses is connected Somewhere to something else !!!!! Fuel rail...
  17. Ron Paul has steady progress

    Political Rhetoric
    Ron is hanging in.....despite that the media ignores him as others rise then fall. He is consistant, honest, and scandal free to boot ! I sure like his stances on non-intervention, foreign aid , and military spending. Those are real hope and change issues. Maybe the Iowa Caucasus will give him...
  18. my tow rig progress

    Tow Vehicles
    so about 14 months ago i picked up a new rig.its a 2000 f250 4x4 7.3l.jesse james built it for a few sema shows awhile back(explains the flames) heres when i first got tint and all did a few "minor" changes to it.still not complete but its getting there.picking up glass bedsides for...
  19. Finally have a little progress to show..

    So after 2 years of staring at a beautiful hull i got from fiat48 and buying parts one at at time from guys all over the boards,its all coming together. Got the motor in and bolted up tonight. Now just have to run the fuel lines and wire it....then start wiring the trailer:)coffee But...
  20. Genuine Risk progress