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    Hello all. Names Logan. I know this is a forum for performance boats, please read on before you click back. After nearly 5 years of not being able to get on the water with my father due to his debilitating back pain, he is feeling much better now after getting off all prescription meds. He...
  2. Jet Boats
    Hi, New to the board. I'm the CTO of a company called enevor, that is built around a bunch of patents I own on an impeller. 35 years ago, when it was just a concept, it was supposed to be a silent propeller for marine propulsion. I sort of ended up in fluid mixing about 30 years ago. Recent...
  3. Jet Boats
    I am really wanting to understand how my boat works. Would someone take the time to tell me which parts do what to move the boat, and why some parts/materials are better than others? I am probably not going to be changing mine a bunch to try and keep up with everyone but I want to understand...
1-3 of 3 Results