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  1. Illmor 710 went into protection mode - why? how do I get it out?

    PB Open Water
    Bot a DCB with Illmor out of Arizona. Towed to Colorado and took it to the lake - the engines start and run fine, gauges seem to read good, but boat will not accelerate. Help
  2. Thank Trayvon & Brown supporters for a lack of protection

    Political Rhetoric
    Due to the ambush slaughter of two police officers in NYC, it appears citations and arrests are falling. I really can't blame any officer for being hesitant to do his/her job with the cry from rappers and rioters to kill cops. Will this change the way the police operate? Arrests plummet 66%...
  3. The American Protection and Firearm Act

    Political Rhetoric
    Wonder if this gets the libs rialed up? One Hundred Thirteenth Congress of the United States of America AT THE SECOND SESSION Begunand held at the City of Washington on Tuesday, the fifth day of January, two thousand and thirteen An Act Entitled: The American Protection and Firearm Act. Be it...
  4. Definition of Feminine Protection

    Political Rhetoric
  5. obamas kids deserve gun protection, yours don't

    Political Rhetoric
    is this a double standard, or just political posturing?
  6. Prop Protection Anyone?

    My wife is going to make up a few prop protection covers that I plan to bring to Irvine by request. Anyone wants one, just contact me with your preferred color - two blade or three and I'll have it there. $50. delivered to Irvine! These are constructed of "Sunbrella" very tough canvas inside...
  7. amp protection light problem

    I'm having a problem with my amp I hook everything up and no light comes on when I disconnect ground protection light comes on then when I reconnect it the light goes out. Everything is hooked up right its grounded to the block.
  8. Personal Protection

    West Coast - South
    The family was anchored back in a small and narrow cove on Mohave and were all floating and having fun in the water. We watched as a boat entered the cove and slowly started heading our way, not a problem and we didn't even think twice of it. When they got within 20 yards they shut of their...
  9. virus and spyware protection

    PB Open Water
    ok now that i installed a new hard drive i need to reload some protection. whats the newest free downloads out there?:D
  10. Hearing protection

    Jet Boats
    Going through the how to quiet my boat reminded me that I need to buy new ear muffs for my soon to be born daughter for the san diego races. Anyone interested, My 5 year old has these as well as my nephew and they work well. Of course, the pink ones now being available is nice. These are a must...
  11. Who needs a gun for protection when you know how to...........

    PB Open Water
    handle a Shopper uses frozen turkey to bash carjacking suspect in the head The Monterey County Herald Updated: 11/24/2008 11:42:38 AM PST RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Stopped. Cold turkey. North Carolina authorities say a shopper clubbed an alleged carjacker with a frozen turkey as he...
  12. aluminum protection

    Jet Boats
    I am stripping my boat and re polishing EVERYTHING...(Yes Again) and this time am thinking about clear PC or clear anodizing. anyone have any suggestions? I have a couple jugs of sharks hide and I have used zoops before but it is worthless. Who has used what and do you have any Pix? I want the...
  13. Good protection for girlfriend to carry

    PB Open Water
    My girlfriend works in downtown L.A. and she is always coming across weirdos. What is a good form of protection for her to carry? What do your wives and girlfriends have for protection.
  14. MacIntosh Computer AntiVirus Protection

    PB Open Water
    Can anyone recommend a good antivirus for a Mac running 10.4.11 I guess someone either hacked me or send me a virus. Damn porn sites. :)hammers
  15. virus protection

    PB Open Water
    i need some help here. does anyone out there have a virus program they could e-mail me so i could burn it to a disk? i had to reload my daughters software on here laptop and before i could get to my e-mail to down load the protection i was hit with 28 virus's in less than 10 minutes:mad:. i have...