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  1. Won't California parents be so proud . . .?

    Political Rhetoric
    Moonbeam signed it and now democrats own it. No more calling parents husband and wife. Governor Moonbeam Makes the Use of the Words Husband and Wife Illegal in California
  2. Proud to be a Democrat

    Political Rhetoric
    But not ashamed of being an idiot. :)sphss
  3. Proud Father

    PB Open Water
    Ny Daughter is now Dr Danielle R Cook, PhD I am about to burst with pride.
  4. Proud to be a democrat!

    Political Rhetoric
    This letter to the editor just couldn't be a more perfect depiction of a democrat:
  5. Proud new owner - Lavey Craft!!

    PB Open Water
    Well... After a long hard search, driving all over the state of california and arizona, many let downs, crappy boats, boats sold from under me, etc.... It has all come to a conclusion and I am feeling victorious! Now it's time for someone else to hear "Sorry, we just sold the boat!" Anyways...
  6. Proud to be a resident of the Great State of Arizona.

    Political Rhetoric
    It's looking like the local tea party group want piece of "obama the fraud's" ass. "Evoking an overlooked provision of state law, Arizona tea party groups are circulating a petition urging a chamber of the state legislature to pass a resolution that would force Arizona’s secretary of state...
  7. Proud parent, CIF finals

    PB Open Water
    So, my sons HS soccer team has made it to the finals of CIF. After 13 short years of of traveling all over, spending a small fortune and knowing where every field is in so cal with my kids playing club soccer. He has won a national championship with Arsenal and many league titles and a few state...
  8. The good folks of Long Beach should be proud...

    PB Open Water
    :))THumbsUp Very cool clip...
  9. Something that Union supporters should be proud of........

    PB Open Water
    YouTube - ‪Wis. Union Protesters Disrupt Special Olympics Ceremony‬‏ Pathetic.:|err
  10. Hugo sure is proud

    Political Rhetoric
    Chavez and HusseinO hugging and shaking hands "Bro Style" for all the world to see. Big old shitt eating grins on their faces......:mad: Sorry supporters, your jackass leader is an embarrassment to the country. Bet they got some grins telling Bush jokes. Frickin' dictators of a...
  11. Proud papa...

    West Coast - South
    of a 1998 Stoker 20SST with Merc 2.5 260hp. YAY FOR ME!
  12. i am so proud of my son Blair

    PB Open Water
    hes a quite boy, great kid but not involved with much. he's the kind of kid we all want or wish our friends bad ass kids were like. I put him in football for the first time last year and he did ok. he's not am aggressive kid and didn't really apply himself but he said he liked playing. i told...
  13. Obama's wife would have been proud of the USA if...

    PB Open Water
    she had married the right person. :)devil
  14. proud

    PB Open Water
    Proud To Be White Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc. .....And then there are just - Americans. Some...
  15. Proud Dad (Daughter Graduates)

    PB Open Water
    This weekend was a big event for my wife and I. My daugter graduated from Law School with her JD. Ever since she was a little girl she wanted to be a Lawyer. She will be leaving New York this week and returning to California to take the Bar. She says I want to go to Havasu this summer and enjoy...
  16. Proud of wife; Today she walked a 1/2 marathon

    PB Open Water
    My wife joined Team in Training 5 months ago to train for the Carlsbad marathon. She decided to get off the couch and get in shape while raising money for cancer research. She set a goal of raising $ 1,700 and ended up raising $ 3,500 from family and friends for Cancer research. She is in the...