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  1. Boats for Sale
    512ci Blown BBC,balanced and blue printed motor,sitcom lined bds blower 22% underdrive pulley's, 2-1150 holley dominator;s,67 aluminum L-88 head's untouched 2.38 int 1.96 ext these head's alone are so rare there worth $7000 alone,Crower steel crank,Corrello rod's,ross piston's,gen vi 502...
  2. Boats for Sale
    79 19' Hondo Hydro pickle fork 512ci blown BBC 1967 aluminum L-88 427 head's untouched,2.33 int 1.96 ex,s/s complete roller set Ross piston's.13-1 compression,comes with 2 extra aluminum gas tank's extra set of basset header's,Zoomie's on it now,671 steflon lined blower,22% over Numerous drive...
  3. GN7 On the Dyno
    Building a mild BBC for my v-drive and need some help on a good camshaft choice. Its a heavy boat and I just want it to run good. The motor is going to be less then 10 to 1 with GM iron heads and logs with over the transom pipes. I want to run a roller but it also needs it to work with my cross...
  4. Jet Boats
    Couple of pics of the wing on the boat at blue water. You can also check out the boat in action in earlier posts about the Blue Water race as well as the posted video. Enjoy!
1-4 of 5 Results