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  1. Parts for Sale
    PRW Stud Girdles For BBC Brand new, never installed PRW 1545400 Billet Aluminum Stud Girdles for Big Block Chevy. PRW Billet Aluminum Stud Girdles are made from 6061-T6 aluminum, manufactured to exacting standards, and the solution to valvetrain instability. PRW stud girdles reduce rocker...
  2. West Coast - North
    Everything is in place for POKER RUNS WEST big one at Lake Shasta. Poker Run, parties, photo shoot, t-shirt contest and much more. HQ at Silverthorn Resort========FLOATING CONDO LODGING AVAILABLE All info is listed on Nor. Cal thread or at Call with any questions...
  3. NorCal
    Got the Lavey ready to rumble for tomorrows PRW run on the Sac River. See you guys out there. HUD
  4. NorCal
    Poker Runs West kick off for 2009 will be April 4 in Sacramento. This will be a run, a party, a meeting, special prize drawing and lots of fun and games. Boating action is the plan but if your boat is not ready or you don't like the weather--come by car, truck, train or plane SCHEDULE...
  5. NorCal
    Once again it is time to polish up the hot rod, dress up you hottie and get over to Crush 29 to relive some of our boating activities so far this year and plan some new ones. Bring your camera, connection cord, discs, laptop or whatever and come and exchange pics and have a good time. For the...
  6. NorCal
    Wowww! What a great weekend event. Great hanging with everyone, can't wait for Tahoe. Look out! HUD
  7. NorCal
    Performance Boats Magazine, Kevin Spaise, Erik Anderson, their videographer etc. are all ready to capture all of you and your cool boats. KICK OFF PARTY Friday 7pm at Bridge Bay Bar. REGISTRATION is mandatory and your presence at the Friday night party is needed to pick up your event...
  8. NorCal
    The Greater Shasta Area Chamber of Commerce has recognized our event as the Official Performance Boating event for Shasta 2008. Multiple magazine coverage will highlight the greater Shasta area and all of your cool boats. More to come on this later.
  9. NorCal
    Or both? Forgot the dates, June 6-8(Cat Attack) and 13-16 (PRW) I might do both and stay the whole week, but unsure at this point. Hopefully the two sides can just keep their shit to PM though, cause I'm sure most are sick of reading it.
1-9 of 10 Results