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  1. Question, Flywheel on Externally balanced SBC

    Jet Boats
    Working on a new engine for a older Miller Jet boat. Going from a 350 SBC to a 383SBC. I think I have a problem because the 383 is external balanced, while the 350 is internally (one piece verse two piece as well, but not an issue). The boat has Kodiak 3 stage pump in it. The old motor...
  2. V-Drive Handling Question

    About a year or so ago, the "Blown Money" Sanger Flatbottom boat was in the For Sale section here. Nice boat and a bunch of nice parts. It sold. I saw the boat when I was watching the Weekend Paradise V-Drives New Years Day 2020 video on Youtube. It starts making its runs at 47:20 on the video...
  3. [Question] Rudder question

    Need some help from the professionals here. I just happen to have my rudder X-rayed and here is what it looks like. My question is this they way it was made or do I need a new one? There are some gaps that don't look good.
  4. Another stupid question, how hot is to hot?

    Well it wouldnt be right if i wasnt screwing something up so i was running the boat on the trailer with a bucket of water and was adjusting stuff on the motor, well everything was fine I kept checking temp because my water hose was filling the bucket half way but motor never got hot and was just...
  5. Valve adjustment question ?

    im an essential employee , but havent worked for a while im on call anyways,,,iv been home for a week going back to work monday soooo since ive been at home i cant stop myself from leaving perfectly good running motors alone,,, I rebuilt the boat motor a while back (454 chevy hydraulic flat...
  6. new strut mount question

    I have a 21' Dayruiser, and I'm going to have a strut built. The #'s on the current bronze strut are 212-10. I assume this is a 10 degree strut? I'd like to duplicate the current strut and not have to drill a new shaft hole, but if it is truly a 10 degree, I think I'll want to change the...
  7. steering post, bearing question

    just had another stupid question,,,im replacing my steering shaft and gear ,,in the process i decided to replace the sleeve in my steering post,,,,its old really old probably late 60's early 70's and it had what i thought was a brass sleeve so i ordered some oillite brass/bronze sleeves and...
  8. Question - Line in the Middle

    Political Rhetoric
    Is the current divide in our country similar to when the North & South went to war over Slavery? One side wanted to maintain ownership of their slaves, the other side felt those slaves are people too and should have the same rights as everyone else. Yea yea I know, let's not go there. Using the...
  9. Down Pedal Question

    I used to have a Cole V-drive back in the 80's and it had a single down pedal, (if that's what you call it), for the cavitation plates, and a T-Handle you could lock it in with. Been looking to get another boat and some you see have a double down pedal set-up in it. Could somebody please explain...
  10. [Question] Kurtis runner bottom question

    Hi guys I'm new here so please let me know if i'm doing anything wrong . My question is if anybody can tell me the difference between a 1980 Kurtis 7/8 runner bottom and the 5/8 runner bottom. Mine is the 7/8 and I was wondering if anybody has had any experience running one. the motor has around...
  11. Roller block question

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Hey guys! Anybody know what year Chevy small blocks started going roller? I am on the hunt for a roller block for a build I will be doing for a 4x4
  12. another jet boat question

    Jet Boats
    I bought a day crusier last year. It has the Hardin Marine 460 Ford in it with a Berkley Jet. When I got it, the rear mount starter was noisy. After using the boat a few times the starter would spin, but not engage. I had it rebuilt and they put a new drive gear and all the other stuff needed...
  13. 454 Exhaust Crossover Restrictor Plates Question

    I have a 1988 Mercruiser 454 with the stock intake and quadrajet cab and wondering if anyone knows for sure if you should install the exhaust gas restrictor plates in one or both sides of the intake manifold gaskets? The Mercruiser manual I have doesn't say anything more than it must use an...
  14. Painting question

    Having my boat painted this weekend and had a question about laying out the cap. Before I stripped and primered it, I measured the distance at the bow and stern where the bottom of the cap should be. Looks like the line on the bottom of the cap is straight in this example. Can't exactly snap a...
  15. LS Exhaust Question

    Jet Boats
    assuming this will work, but the turbo headers that come up and forward, can be reversed and go up and back as well ?
  16. Casale gear question

    Got an assortment of Casale 12 degree gears and have noticed a couple thing like if say you have a 35 tooth bottom gear and a 40 tooth top gear you have 1.14 gears which breaks down to .03 per tooth (did the math on a couple sets). I have also notice that all the sets have one gear with even...
  17. fuel water separator micron question?

    ok sorry to bring this up again but i have a marpac filter #7-0860 and a sierra #18-7845 , the marpac is a 10 micron fuel/water separator but it does not say the flow rate,,,the sierra is a 90 gph/ 21 micron high efficiency filter for all carbureted engines, im not sure which one is better to...
  18. plug question ?

    just curious what you guys think about some of these plugs, ran them last year and just now checked them,,they are ngkyr5 , I had put ngk 7s in and they seemed to cold so I went back to these just to see what it looked like (heat range),, but some of the plugs look rich and some look lean to...
  19. Enclosed Trailer question

    Does anyone have a picture for the hitch ball post that goes through the floor of an enclosed trailer to attach the dolly trailer to. Thanks.
  20. [Question] Rehashing the jet-a-way question

    Jet Boats
    Hey guys I just bought an old Kona tunnel drag because I have a 460 ford sitting on the garage floor out of an old boat, 12.75:1, 736 inch lift type cam, fully ported, yada yada-----. I'm getting old now and wanna know if I need to spend the money on a jetaway or is this little sled of a boat...