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  1. Burley Racers and Fans

    To all concerned, I want to address the 41 year old Burley Regatta in Burley, Idaho at the end of the month. As most of you know everything was done that could be done with APBA addressing the rule changes coming down on Jan 1, 2016. The capsule rule mandate was coming for a long time but with...
  2. Time Slip for Lake Racers?

    Jet Boats
    Check out this little Device AiM Sports - The World Leader in Data Acquisition Solo Overview High-speed GPS, internal accelerometers, expansive data logging memory, USB download, a waterproof design, a thoughtful feature set, and a retail price of $399 make for best motorsports lap timer ever...
  3. Circle Boat Racers on KTLA This Morning

    This Sunday morning on Channel 5 KTLA (Los Angeles) on Burrous' Bites, Ed Solis (P-5) takes Chris Burrous to Joey's BBQ in Chino. There is even a shot of a few Crackerboxes. Looks like Long Beach. Burrous’ Bites: Joey’s BBQ | KTLA
  4. US racers in Australia

    Good luck to Duff and Steve on the other side of the earth. Is there a live feed or anything, it's Friday there now and they should have had testing today
  5. [Announcment] NJBA/Lifeline River Racer program new racers!

    Jet Boats
    As we look for new racers interested in getting into the sport. Lifeline has donated two complete sets of safety gear to the NJBA. This gear will be available for free on a loaner basis to guys interested in getting into the sport. This is for the non competitive river racer program. For those...
  6. COR Racers

    Calling out Kevin Taylor, why don't you bring your title to you STV and Stoker put any engine you want on it bring it to Willow Beach and lets get it on! No excuses about your engine cowl is filling up with water or your breaking in a new engine or a coil pack went bad. These engines set up...
  7. Nor-Cal Inboard Circle Boat Racers (SS, PS, GPS95 & SE).... check this out!!

    So I got this email yesterday: James Dietrich <[email protected]> 8:45 PM (23 hours ago) to Don, Bill, Skip, me We have 2 races coming up in your back yard - Region 11. Inboards are on both sanctions. Mossdale Quarry Regatta is Sept 27-28. Antioch Marine Park, Delta Thunder V, is...
  8. Attn: Boat Racers

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    The NJBA september race date has been changed from the 20-21 to the 27-28. The park double booked a triatholon on the premises so the race is now the 27-28. Thanks
  9. Phoenix Drag Racers Reunion April 6

    Off the Water
    I am happy to announce an addition to this years Nostalgic Show & GO!. We will be hosting the 1stannual “Phoenix Drag RacersReunion”. Phoenix has had a colorfulhistory of drag racing with many drag strips and stars. Speedworld was our long lasting standoutlasting over 50 years but, now that...
  10. racers, got any point of view gopro vids for my daughter to watch?

    Jet Boats
    Lookin for some help in the form of some gopro vids like morgan had posted awhile back for my kiddo to watch to get an idea.may not make but a couple races next season but she's into it and dad is into anything his kids are ;) be cool to pit crew and tune for my kid. would appreciate the help...
  11. Racers For Christ Chaplain Craig Garland

    Chances are if you ever drag raced a boat in the last several years in Lucas or SDBA (NHRA & ADRL too) then this man has prayed with you at the inramp. I can't even count the number of racers that will not go in the water without a blessing and a prayer from Craig. Few years back when my mom...
  12. [Announcment] Racers For Christ Chaplain Craig Garland

    Races and Boating Events
    Chances are if you ever drag raced a boat in the last several years in Lucas or SDBA (NHRA & ADRL too) then this man has prayed with you at the inramp. I can't even count the number of racers that will not go in the water without a blessing and a prayer from Craig. Few years back when my mom...
  13. Attention PUF & BGF Racers.....

    . recent testing of the 731 boat, Aggravation, clearly indicates you are all now racing for second place. No questions will be taken at this time. That is all. :cool:
  14. Calling All Comp Jet Racers!!!!

    Jet Boats
    This is your roll call for the 2012 Lucas Oil Long Beach Sprint Nationals presented by ARP on August 4 & 5! Who's going for the 2012 APBA National Championship??? Also, if you're racing I need your info for the program- please email Mike Follmer [email protected] and cc me...
  15. 2012 OPA Racer's Meeting and Awards Dinner Photos

    PB Open Water
    2/12/12 Sharkey-Images A well attended Racer's meeting at the Seaview Resort took place on Saturday afternoon just prior to the OPA Awards Dinner held at the Oyster Creek Inn and Boat Bar. Discussions at the meeting were on the upcoming 2012 racing season and the new changes being made to help...
  16. NJBA Racers question

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    Who would run a 6.0 1000ft class if NJBA implemented one? Please post up if you would be a playah! 1. 2. 3.
  17. Njba Racers question

    Who would run a 6.0 class at Njba if they happened to run one at NJBA this year? They need an accurate number of people that would run the class not a bunch of fence sitters. 1. 2. 3.
  18. Njba racers in nor cal

    National Jet Boat Association – NJBA
    If any racers in NorCal want to have your boats checked for "tech", before making the trip to Bakersfield, new or existing racers, set up a time with me, and I will make sure everything is smooth sailing for you to pass tech at the track. If you have always wanted to race, and never have made...
  19. Pump Questions For The Racers

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    On a Berkeley style (mixed flow) pump... Is there an "optimum" ratio of bowl pressure to intake pressure (example, something such as 10:1 ratio with 300PSI bowl pressure and 30PSI intake pressure...numbers thrown out at random simply for example purposes)? Is there an "optimum" AMOUNT of bowl...
  20. Az. Lake Racers Heres your chance.

    Jet Boats
    IHBA is having a race at Firebird 6-19-21 You dont have to be an IHBA member to race, Just pay the race fee and have fun. Theyre calling it team firebird for non members. nows your chance to see how fast your boat runs, and get dialed in. Just passing on some info that a customer told me. Jay:)devil