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  1. Lt. Col. Ralph peters calls obama a pussy!!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    About time someone had the balls to say it on national television!!!
  2. Ralph Richardson World Champ TE

    Congratulations to Ralph Richardson and family on their TE 9.0 World Championship. Ralph, driving a DiMarco Flat has just finished an awesome season. I know of no family that is nicer and more deserving than these people!!!Sorry I left before I got the news Ralph!! Ride the high, you earned...
  3. Welcome Ralph Richardson

    I'd like to introduce new Member Ralph Richardson and family of the Liquid Addiction Racing Team out of Manteca California. Ralph is a NJBA regular that won the Gamblers at the Firebird opener, and the 9.0 bracket this last weekend at Red Bluff. The way his driving and tuning has progressed...