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  1. Macho Man Randy Savage

    PB Open Water
    Snap into a Slim Jim RIP
  2. Dragstr19 (Randy)

    West Coast - South
    Hey are you coming out this weekend? If so. can you bring that 24P prop? I'd like to try and get some more RPM's out of the boat. Let me know......Thanks,
  3. Paging Randy aka dragstr19

    West Coast - South
    Hey Randy, Do you have a 30 and 32 pitch prop I could borrow for a day? I want to test my boat next Friday 10/24 with some different props. I should be able to get another 700 or so rpms out of the old Daytona. Please let me know. Thanks, Keith
  4. Randy Pausch on ABC

    PB Open Water
    Special on the "Last Lecture" professor who passed away this weekend on ABC. If you havent seen anything about this, worth your time imo.