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  1. Blunder Reaches Puberty

    Jet Boats
    It has just come to my attention that Tonys birthday is today, and is just outgrowning his puberty era, which would make him legal for any of you homos to catch now. (pattymelt)
  2. GM says reaches deal to sell Saab to Koenigsegg

    Political Rhetoric Sweden's Koenigsegg, a niche manufacturer of some of the world's fastest and most expensive sports cars, has struck a deal to buy loss-making Saab Automobile from General Motors, the companies said on Tuesday. In one of the most unlikely...
  3. Jobless rate reaches 9.4% Where's the stimulus????

    Political Rhetoric
    With the unemployment rate continuing to rise monthly and housing prices continuing to dive it appears the Kenyon's plan isn't showing signs of economic growth as promised. Pelosi's claim of losing 500 Million U.S. jobs per month if we didn't pass the stimulus package was not only Pelosi-Stupid...