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  1. Fs- 427 side oiler....the real thing

    Parts for Sale
    Pulled from a fresh water boat. Built off of a "service block". Info is as follows: Casting #'s on block are E2L75, 89 AND 52 Casting #'s on heads are C3AE6090D, 2B27 Ford "Sidewinder" aluminum intake C6AE4921/J Pistons are TRW L2298 .030 Le Mans style rods with 12-point cap screws 428 crank...
  2. What happened to REAL conservatives?

    Political Rhetoric
    So lets see.....Used to be that Conservatives believed in LOWER taxes for ALL- Not just the hyper rich, while screwing the lower and middle class......Used to be that conservatives believed in "Pay-as-you-go" meaning no giant debt, but now they believe in increasing debt astronomically...Both...
  3. Twin Turbo Real World Experience

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I am thinking about building up an old school BBC twin turbo motor for a heavy v-drive family cruiser. Thinking of either a Banks or PFM with big intercoolers. I have all the parts to build up a low compression 468 long block with good parts. The question is how friendly is one of these motors...
  4. O's Real Agenda

    Political Rhetoric
    A race war is what Obama's been trying to get going for the last 6 years. Rioting, martial law, gun confiscation, and no term limits on his presidency! It's almost here. You can bet he's been hoping to get these two groups together!!! KKK Faces Off With New Black Panther Group in Heated...
  5. Finally a real explanation!

    Political Rhetoric
    Internet trolls like our good liberal buddies simply have a mental disorder. Internet trolls have a mental disorder
  6. So Jim Cole's real name was Jim Colclough?

  7. GPS my boat with a real GPS

    Jet Boats
    Well after all the hard work I've spent on this dang motor and it giving me fits all winter long it finally paid off. I bought a new Garmen GPSMAP 78 series GPS, it floats and is waterproof (pretty cool little GPS, and has a quick "refresh rate" which is what I cared about the most. Well on...
  8. Hahahaha, you guys are missing a real education over on FB

    WFL Crew
    Over on the Jetboat Rocks Facebook page this guy posts this up. Over 330 posts/replies in just a few hours. "Some companies are claiming to had built a ""gullwing mold "" and now are producing 19' gullwings.. for race and or for daily cruising. I hear also that companies such " "so...
  9. 1/3 Scale'd B-17 real aircraft project.

    PB Open Water
    Check this out, will take some time to see all the photos. | HOME
  10. The real party of "NO"

    Political Rhetoric
    This is a screenshot of the vote count to fund benefits for our Veterans. Easy call, correct? Who is against funding our nation's heroes? Well, apparently not an easy call as 164 Democratic members of Congress voted NO on this measure. You miserable liberals must be just jumping for joy over...
  11. SomeoneS need a real role model....

    Political Rhetoric
  12. "Real River Boats"

    Jet Boats
    Awesome video of 2 "real river boats" going at it yesterday!!! Winner=Kjell Adams 21' Daytona, 120mph!!! Runner-up="Suck My Deck" 21' TPR deck boat, 109mph!!! Maybe next time they both should take the 3 coolers, spare nitrous bottles, kids sand toys and fishing equipment out of the boat to...
  13. [Announcment] Industrial Real Estate Needs for PB Folks

    PB Open Water
    Hey Guys and Gals. I am a licensed Industrial Real Estate Broker in the South Bay-Torrance, CA area and also work with brokers from my firm-NAI Capital in the Inland Empire area. Anybody on here need Industrial property for their business ? I'd love to help find you the right space, negotiate...
  14. The real barock obumer

    Political Rhetoric
  15. Any "real engineers" on here?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    OK, here goes.... since my shit burned to the ground I have some spare time. I want to make some green energy. Now, before you quit reading... look... I have a lake that will be 15 acres. I want to build a waterwheel. Not one of those pansy paddle wheel water wheels, a real old style water...
  16. Desert Storm boat crash? Real?

    PB Open Water
    Looks like a crash at Desert Storm today.
  17. The "REAL NEW" wing!!!

    Jet Boats
    After minutes of research, and spur of the moment drunkeness... Team Bostico® Ltd. has developed a new wing for Cheyenne and Daytona style picklefork boats. This new design combined with revolutionary new construction materails has netted impressive results, despite the lack of data and/or...
  18. This time i saw a ghost! For real

    So I was cruising down the river:yes: and outta no where Bang :wtf: this old 1950's era termite infested pile of :cowdodo:came :airplane: by me, I tried to catch him but he was gone as soon as I could say :omg:
  19. Which was the real lie?

    Political Rhetoric
    Last month our president put his hand on a Bible and promised, by oath, to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States. The same week he submitted numerous executive orders intended to circumvent the constitution as written. Which was true - and which constituted a crime?
  20. dyno numbers! whats real ?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    hey guys new to jet boats. i biult my engine [a 565 reher morrison short block 10.5 comp. i put a.f.r. 335 c.n.c. heads,cam(274,278 @50 and 750 lift,108 sep) c.n.c. victor and reversion plate and a gary williams 1050] was hoping for 850, made 782 hp and 694trq on gas and on vp chp it made 800 hp...