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  1. Jones tach (non recall)

    Parts for Sale
    10k non recall Jones Tach. Spins free. Could be serviced to clean up more or run as is. $100 + shipping
  2. speed recall gps?

    Jet Boats
    Can anyone recommend a small hand held gps that will record highest mph with recall that works really well. Not interested in any other functions other than speed and max speed recall. thanks
  3. Mormom church helps recall SB1070 sponsor

    Political Rhetoric
    Looks like the LDS put it's interests to indocrinate Latinos above the interests of Arizonans!! WTF??
  4. California Dream Act - Recall and Stop AB 131

    Political Rhetoric
    I really think recalling AB 131 (the Dream Act) could happen - only 700,000 signatures needed to get it on the ballot. Sponsored by Tim Donnelly (R-Hesperia) Stop AB131
  5. Autometer Pro Comp Marine 3-3/8" 100mph GPS speedo with receiver & recall

    Parts for Sale
    SOLD PENDING FUNDS Very good condition, works great. Comes with receiver. Has recall. $225 shipped. [email protected]
  6. Jones recall tach with keyed reset

    JONES MOTROLA 10K TELL TALE TACHOMETER INDY CAR SCCA | eBay Really??? Are these really that rare. I saw one about four or five months ago that went for $1400 Yes sold for that price. Now I see this one for the same money. This is what I run in my Sanger, soon to be swapped out, didnt think...
  7. [SOLD] 5" Autometer recall tach for magneto

    Parts for Sale
    SOLD Went to the land of Oz! Autometer P/N 6821 (FOR MAGNETO) 5" recall 11,000 rpm tach with clamp for steering post. This tach is in excellent condition. Asking $140.00 + $10.00 shipping. Jocko
  8. Hydroxycut Recall Due to Liver Injuries

    PB Open Water Just wanted to give you guys an FYI!
  9. Cat food recall

    PB Open Water
    Just an FYI for the cat lovers. Nutro has a recall on the dry food. Please be careful of what you feed your pets. Look at the ingredients, research who is the company that you are buying from.
  10. Yahama Rhino Recall

    PB Open Water
    Hopefully this is not a repost. If so, my apologies... Reprinted without the permission of the LA Times or the Associated Press Off-road vehicles recalled after 46 deaths Associated Press 10:00 AM PDT, March 31, 2009 WASHINGTON -- Yamaha Motor Corp. USA recalled about 120,000...
  11. Some Type of Recall on SXS

    PB Open Water
    Just caught a glimmer on Good Morning America about some type of recall, does anyone know something about this?
  12. The Recall seems to be gaining momentum...

    Political Rhetoric
    Even I'm surprised, I figured after a while Californian's would go about their lives and forget about how "Arnold the Fraud" and the Assembly screwed over Californian's with the largest state tax increase in the Country's history. Of course all Californian's will get reminded yearly with our...
  13. Mercury Racing Recall....

    PB Open Water
    Anybody else get the Recall notice for a "Improper Over current Protection" on starter solenoid & alternator? Service Bulletin# 2008-05
  14. Recall notice from Mercury Racing

    PB Open Water
    Anyone else get a recall notice lately? Received one in the mail today for improper overcurrent protection on starter solenoid and alternator sense circuit, service bulletin #2008-05. I have an 05 525efi. Can Chris at Prestige handle the fix?
  15. Pet food recall

    PB Open Water
    Here is the link...