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  1. quick Regatta recap

    Jet Boats
    We had great weather on Friday with the water a little low, making for a huge sandbar and good river racing. By noon the sandbar had 25-30 boats ready to play. It was the optimum amount of people and boats to be safe with good water. It seemed like everyone who had a boat raced at least once...
  2. So let's re-cap. How's America doing with unemployment??

    Political Rhetoric
    Of course the BLS statistics are showing better each month (6.7 now) because of all those who have stopped looking for work who are no longer counted by BLS as unemployed but the honest truth (words democrats can handle) is that we're in deep doo doo! What percentage of American workers are...
  3. 2013 Southwind regatta recap

    Jet Boats
    First of all i have to say thank you to everybody that made this deal possible. We had a total of 89 boats not counting the pontoons. This was a lot of fun to see my dream come together. Also really awesome to put alot of names to faces. After the great sucess this year, there will be one next...
  4. NJBA Fall Nationals Recap

    Jet Boats
    Other than a little bit of wind on Saturday afternoon, one couldn't have asked for better weather for the NJBA Fall Nationals held at Lake Ming, in Bakersfield Ca this past weekend. The boat count was healthy and competition in nearly every class was on its game. Joe Morgan returned in Here...
  5. 2013 Needles Hotboat and Carshow RECAP !

    1st The Man Billy B ! All the sponsers, Thanks, I cant believe its now 5 years old! What a time great people from all over the USA and the NICEST BOATS IN THE WORLD!!! Its a great way to start the year ! The ELKS dinner was a ball lots of Laughs. Sunday we got blown out but the Elks had us up...
  6. UIM Spanaway recap

    First I want to thank Dave Rankin, The K boat King, John Avery, Ty Newton and Kenny Eckman for incredible weekend racing in Washington. You cannot find a better group of dedicated people to go racing. In Super Stock, Ty flew around the record course in record times and it was a sight to behold...
  7. cp recap, pics, and videos

    Jet Boats
    had a great time both friday and saturday. weather was perfect and the boats were stacked up 4 and 5 wide, probably the biggest showing yet. some really nice pieces out there hope everyone else had as good of time as i did.
  8. Recap of my Elsinore weekend!

    First off I couldn`t be happier with the performance of my boat! Saturday morning we warm up sounds bitchen hear our call head to the water. 1st round of BGF I line up against my favorite boat of all time and I`m thinking finally we get to race... It wont start, so I get the best seat in the...
  9. The Red Pearl recap

    Jet Boats
    Going into the race we got rid of the droop and went to Tim Place's HPH (mini droop). first pass out the boat blew the tail pretty hard. took the .030 shim out went back out and ran an 8.18. next pass we put a leg on the record at 8.24 so sunday we ran an 8.17 first round and got the record...
  10. NJBA March 2011 recap

    Jet Boats
    I need to thank quite a few people for helping out this weekend: Hustler and HBjet-unbelievably good pit crew right there. I signed up for three classes because I wanted to get a lot of seat time and these guys didn't stop working until the sun went down. Thanks! Riverdave-dude thanks for the...
  11. Starter Recap

    I wanted to say "thanks" for all of the input to my starter inquiry several months ago. One gentleman posted "buy a Meziere, it will pull a freight train down the tracks". After pondering spending that much money for a while, that statement stuck with me enough to talk to the Meziere tech, and...
  12. Elsinore recap

    Jet Boats
    gotta thank the best crew on the planet. Joe, Randy, Robert, and Randy guys killed it this weekend and we had zero drama in the 999 pit. Turkeymelt was the man this weekend, taking out BP and Roznos I think?? Kjell got a taste of the squeeze and is not taking n20 introveniously (sp?)...
  13. Jack Smith Park 2009 -recap

    The nicest gathering of "true" hot rod boats ever assembled!! The Park was super nice and the city really made us feel really welcome. It started with a fire truck escorted parade through town on Friday followed up by some great test n tune action out of the water. As the entries poured in on...
  14. East meets west Bartlett (recap)

    West Coast - South
    No doubt one of my best days boating ever. Water was flat all day long and you could take speed runs at will. Kept the old Ford pinned for most the day and burned all my gas. Horseshoes, beverages, amazing eats (thanks Vin dog and Big Ern aka grillmasters), great group of people and thanks to...
  15. wf recap

    Jet Boats
    thanks to everyone that helped and offered to help out in the 999 pit. Jet4Fun and my cousin Randy took good care of me all week. I took the bottle out of the boat so we could run TE and we struggled to slow the boat down safely during test n' tune and qualifying but ended up at the top of the...
  16. Needles recap video

    Starring Flatflyn, Flatnutz, Clyde, Dossangers and Sangerboy. :cool:
  17. bako recap

    Jet Boats
    I gotta thank HBjet and Jet5fun for the stress-free weekend of racing. No drama in the 999 pit for once and the one hardware change we did make after the loader broke got us back into 8.50 territory again. Thanks guys! number one qualifier and the win. The monkey is finally off my back! best...
  18. ming recap

    Jet Boats
    The weather sucked balls all weekend until late afternoon today. cold and windy. most of the jets looked like they were struggling to stay hooked up in the sloppy water. I know i was struggling big time. couldnt manage better than an 8.81 during qualifying. miller took me out in round one of...