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  1. Oil, Redline

    GN7 On the Dyno
    About that time to do a oil change and was thinking about makin a change. Last i remember I was running mobil one 15w40 in this engine. Course i could be wrong, I've swapped thicker and thinner a few times in the past when testing oil pressure. I still have a lower oil PSI than I would like...
  2. Merc 500 EFI redline

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I'm looking for the Max RPM on a stock Mercury 500EFI engine.
  3. 26 Redline 700sci & nxt

    PB Open Water
    anybody know what this boat is running (mph)? just saw it on the web, thing looks fast... I know this boat with a 525 runs mid 90's.. i figure with the 700 and an aggressive x and cleaver bolted on the back, this thing should freakin move.....
  4. 26 Redline with TPI Whipple 5 liter on board

    PB Open Water
    This is an unbelievable boat. It's a 2008 Revolution Performance marine(RPM) 26 Redline Cat. The boat was built this year with a TPI 848 efi and a Max Machine Worx all billet drive. The customer brought me the boat last week to have the 3.3 liter Whipple exchanged for a new 5 liter Whipple W305...
  5. Redline Performance Marine ??????

    PB Open Water
    Does anyone know anything about this marine repair shop in Lake Havasu?
  6. Redline oil question

    What is the exact kind of redline oil to use in a 12* casale v drive