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  1. Political Rhetoric
    School's 'Redneck Day' sparks anger So you can have Miss Black America, Black Mayors Association, MLK Day, BET, Bounce, Ebony Magazine, et al, but they have a problem with whites doing this.
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    Sorry admin... moved to PRF. :o
  3. Gray Water Storage
    Has anybody seen Redneck since hooked up with the Hot Blond with the big Boobs?(Tina):stir:.......I have and all he can do is stare at her big boobs...he is so in awe that he can't even have a shot...We're sitting here having drinks and she's all over him:wow:.. we got her talked into pastie's...
  4. Jet Boats
    Post up some pics already.......:D
  5. PB Open Water
    I'm sure this one's been posted before, but worth another look. Enjoy!!!
  6. Political Rhetoric
    I know it's been posted before but it's still funny Drinking with a Redneck Girl A Mexican, an Arab, and a redneck girl are in the same...
  7. PB Open Water
  8. PB Open Water
  9. PB Open Water
    Been around for a while but funny!!:D NSF Are you a Democrat, a Republican, or a Redneck? Here is a little test that will help you decide. You're walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children. Suddenly, an Islamic terrorist with a huge knife comes around the...
  10. PB Open Water
    Hooray for friday----------> Feel free to add to it Redneck Man's pick up lines… Did you fart? cuz you blew me away. Are yer parents retarded? cuz ya sure are special. My Love fer you is like diarrhea; I can't hold it in. Do you have a library card? cuz I'd like to sign you...
  11. PB Open Water
  12. PB Open Water
    This is just so wrong that I had to post it. I am always intrigued by what people do. Tom Brown finally has a use for all his extra skid marke stained underwear. :D