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  1. Political Rhetoric
    I guess CNN is going to have a hard time convincing people how bad the new tax deal is to the 20,000 new hires from Apple. Another $350BN infused in the US economy isn't a bad thing. $38BN in tax revenue isn't going to hurt the US either.. Funny how you won't find this headline on CNN or MSNBC...
  2. Political Rhetoric
    Facts don't lie! Democrats do.
  3. Political Rhetoric
    Momentum builds for U.S. immigration reform plan - Yahoo! News Right with the program. Blame yourself on this one ram. You say you don't want the illegals to be legalized, but then you put the people in office that do that very thing. :)sphss
  4. Political Rhetoric
    Here are the vague details of Gov. Brown's pension reform. Much of it will be contested in court, but it is very far reaching. I believe it goes for a vote on Friday. Some of it makes very good sense, other parts are very arbitrary. Public Employee Pension Reform Act of 2012 Caps...
  5. Political Rhetoric
    So last week I receive an Email about reforming Congress. I took a look at it and thought it needed a little work. I think my revisions are for the better ....see what you think, maybe some constructive critsism even ? If you like the list copy it and pass it one to 25 of your best friends...
  6. PB Open Water
    Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire e-mail list of family and friends. Senator Thompson on the Obama Health Care bill If you want to know how the elderly would be treated under the Obama Health Care bill July 25...
  7. Political Rhetoric
    When it's really government run health INSURANCE! Our health care is the best in the world but it's not cheap. The best never is. It does not need any reform. What needs reform is the bullshit malpractice lawsuits that drive up the cost of health care, both in insurance premiums and extra...
  8. Political Rhetoric
    Does anyone know anything about this bill, how much it will cost, etc. I seen somewhere that we will be fined if we do not carry coverage :mad:
  9. Political Rhetoric
    I did watch last night and below are a few things I took from this. 1. The only reason he is not supporting an immediate socialized system is due to the negative effect it would have on the economy. (Last thing we need is more negative hits to that) 2. He is heading that direction and I...
  10. Political Rhetoric
    So you think they're going to keep moving forward with it in these times? Obama never really seemed too concerened with this huge issue. Mccain on the other hand, felt that should have been a top priority.