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  1. KE Strainer (Large) with pressure relief

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    Keith Eickert 1
  2. water relief valves

    Jet Boats
    What type and where are you guys getting them? What PSI are you adjusting them to?
  3. SuperChiller Relief Valve Placement

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Could I move the relief valve to the discharge side of the strainer via a "T" fitting and run water to both intake ports of chiller ? Output PSI would still be dumped if it exceeded set point ? Or am I missing something on why it is on the chiller housing at the #8 port ? Can't see it in this...
  4. Some relief

    PB Open Water
    Has been raining here most of day helps some but noway going to make up for loos in our local lakes looks like CFW might be getting wet close to here nice place to run. Wild Bill Sparks Nv. :cool:
  5. Relief Valve / Regulator Setups

    Jet Boats
    Hey Guys, Can I get some pics of the way you guys set up your pressure relief valves and regulators. Getting sick of all the milkshake issues:( I know this is kind of a hot topic as some believe these are not necessary and that's cool I get it. Not really looking to start any debates I was just...
  6. How many people are running a relief set up instead of a gate valve off the pump

    Jet Boats
    I want to see how many people are running a relief valve set up off the pump instead of using just a gate valve There are many Gasket fails using the old Gate valve set up I am wondering how many fails comparing the two set ups Opinions???
  7. "Superstorm" relief bill

    Political Rhetoric
    So here we go again... Big headlines, Speaker of the House refuses to put the Senate bill for "Sandy" relief to a House vote, delaying much needed funds.... BUT, what the headlines fail to mention is the Senate version of the bill ads 100s of MILLIONS of dollars of EARMARKS for OTHER purposes...
  8. 121212 concert for Sandy relief LIVE

    PB Open Water
    "12-12-12" The Concert for Sandy Relief now
  9. V-Drivers Relief

    This is a Friend of mine Gene (Geno, G-Man) Hendrix. This is a picture of him last year at CFW Driving the Hondo Shovel Nose. He bought his first Sanger new in 1961 & Started Racing. He ran Unblown Fuel Flat & Blown Gas Flat probably before they had those classes. In 1967 He bought a new Sanger...
  10. Arthritis Pain Relief

    PB Open Water
    Just want to share this with those of you who suffer from Arthrits pain. My wife has had hand, wrist, and elbow joint pain for years. The last year it has become worse. Mostly in the evening. She has begun to lose sleep. One night while surfing the net, because she could not sleep, she ran...
  11. pressure relief valve plumbing question

    Jet Boats
    Ok So I am looking to install a pressure relief dump valve in my boat. I under stand these will dump water over board to keep excess pressure out of engine at higher rpm. If they are dumpring water over 12 to 15 psi out the boat then will this effect having enough pressure to open the T valve...
  12. Water pressure relief valve? Necessary?

    Jet Boats
    For starters, I'm a little new to this jet boat thing. I've got a Spectra mini day cruiser thats getting a fresh 460 engine which should be in the low 400 hp range. Its got a Berkeley E pump with an A cut impellar that has also been gone through. I've already installed a gate valve on the water...
  13. Cryogenic Stress Relief

    GN7 On the Dyno
    anybody ever done this with their engine parts? several people around here are stress reliefing their engine parts:)bulb after reading the loader thread in the jet section, I'm wondering if it would be worth the effort to do the loader
  14. Anger and Relief

    Political Rhetoric
    it looks like BO is going to go back on another campaign promise which will give relief to some and make others rather pissed off. It's going to be interesting what will be said by the people looking for their redistribution checks.
  15. Mortgage Relief Fund is signed, how much more money can they print?

    PB Open Water
    Expect inflation to increase and your dollar to be less.
  16. Hey Guru - Pain Relief

    Hey Tony I just saw this commercial on the tube for this stuff called "ACTIV ON". Simply apply directly to the injured area and poof! - all is fixed. Broken bones, internal bleeding, lacerations? No problem! With ACTIV ON we'll never have to worry again it sez. You'd think someone would've told...