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  1. Anybody remember this ?

    Political Rhetoric
  2. March 6 on Delta remembering Shortbus

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    March 6 is the anniversary of Shortbus (Jon) passing away. Even tho it's my 17 year wedding anniversary I have talked my awesome wife into going boating that day. We will stop at the accident site near Discovery Bay lighthouse, maybe have a beverage there and say a few words to our lost...
  3. Does anyone remember the old SS-92 National Champion Boat

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and I am doing research on the old National Champion SS-92. If anyone has any information at all could you please lend a hand. Thank you in advance, great forum.
  4. Anyone remember this boat?

    A family friend of mine said he mowed his neighbors yard back in the early 80s to take a ride in this hydro. I think there place was in Needles or Blythe back then. Just wondering if it still around or if anyone knows the where about's of it. The pictures aren't to good but it looks like a 426...
  5. Anybody remember Dragnet

    Political Rhetoric :))THumbsUp
  6. Lake p.a.l. - Do you remember?

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    What your boat looks like "on the water" ..... Heres a pic for you! ---- NICE! :))THumbsUp
  7. Do you remember?

    Political Rhetoric
    Zero said after the murders of our people in Benghazi that he was going to bring the killers to justuse. Well how many months has it been since that statement? I just saw pictures on TV of some of the suspects walktng the streets in Libya, so there is no excuse that they can't find them. As far...
  8. Anybody remember what the 800 # to stop phone soliciting

    PB Open Water
    I called the 1 800 # 2 yrs ago from all our phones to stop soliciting now 2 yrs later we get 10 a day i cant find the number anywhere..i got it from mark & brian radio show 2 yrs back and it worked perfect but said you must redo it every 2 yrs..anybody know what im talking about
  9. Remember the Platters?

    Political Rhetoric
    They were ahead of their time.
  10. Does anyone remember thundercat boats?

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Just trying to get some info on these hulls. I know they were built in florida or so i have been told. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Unemployment report explained - Remember who is on first?

    Political Rhetoric
    You do remember Who Is On First ? So how can over 873,000 people come off the unemployment line when there were only a little over 114,000 jobs created? Luckily I found a transcript of a conversation between two eminent economists discussing this very question! Here we go, the recent...
  12. How many remember this?

    Political Rhetoric
    For you CVX and the younger Socialist Generation it would be wise to read this. DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN KHRUSHCHEV APPEARED AT THE U.N. AND BANGED HIS SHOE ON THE TABLE? THIS WAS HIS ENTIRE QUOTE AT THAT TIME. Perhaps some aren't old enough to remember - and those of you who do, may have forgotten...
  13. Remember to let her talk first!

    PB Open Water
  14. Do You Remember

    Political Rhetoric
    When Zero was all cocky and shit after being elected. He said the Republicans can come along,BUT!! must ride on the back of the bus. They have him where they want him. Stand your ground and let the Hole he has dung be his downfall.:))THumbsUp Do not fall for the budget debate and outcry sway you.
  15. Remember When???

    Political Rhetoric
    Remember when democrats and republicans alike, understood simple principals that made this the greatest nation on earth in such a short time? Too bad society wants to throw all this in the trash in exchange for EBT cards, welfare checks and corrupt leadership. Thank a liberal! “Agriculture...
  16. Anyone remember this club?

    Had this forever.
  17. Does anyone remember...

    Political Rhetoric
    The quote: "ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country"? Just sayin...
  18. Anyone remember this boat?

    West Coast - North
    Bought it a while back and wonder if anyone knows some history on it. It's a Hondo sprint t deck PC 49 driven by Mark Short called Sitting Duck. Has a old S.I.R.A sticker on it figured the northwest would be a good place to start.
  19. Remember When . . .

    Political Rhetoric
    Thanksgiving Proclamation Issued by President George Washington, at the request of Congress, on October 3, 1789 By the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation. Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful...
  20. Remember the New Jersey Photo Op? Well, that's behind him now . . .

    Political Rhetoric
    While the president parties in Las Vegas, the residents of New Jersey are dumpster diving to survive. Shaking hands with Governor Christy was actually not that productive for anything beyond garnering a few votes. More failed leadership. Obama parties in Las Vegas as New Yorkers dumpster-dive...