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  1. If anyone remembers or knows 'Drejustice'....

    ...please ask him to pm me HammerDown/Ray here...thanks!
  2. WHo remembers Henry Gates Jr???? "Faces Of America"

    Political Rhetoric
    "Faces of America" Who remembers the racist guy from the Ivy League school out east that cried race when he was arrested by the Cambridge Mass. Police??? Which resulted in a BEER SUMMIT with Oblaimo... THis racist is the LAST GUY that I want representing the voice of America... I’m going to...
  3. Who remembers the monster garage bus/boat

    PB Open Water I always wondered what they did with the items after the show's. I guess they sold them?
  4. Who remembers Lake Dolores water park?

    PB Open Water
    That is a pic of me around 1982-1983. I wish I had more pics of that place. It was one of those places you had to experience to appreciate. It was like the wild west of water parks. We always had a ton of fun. I also remember thinking this place is Focking dangerous.