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  1. removal of member

    Community Help
    is it true that jimslpace was remover from the political rhetoric page? if it is why weren't the 5 or 6 others removed to? one member writes an opinion that they don't agree with and than the others gang up on him. they go looking for fights. rights right and wrong is still wrong.
  2. Paint removal question

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I have a ride plate that I just noticed is really nice anodized red ,someone painted over it with black paint .how do I remove the paint without destroying the anodizing ? thanks ,chris
  3. Prop shaft removal ???

    My buddy picked up a new to him kurtis. It has an Algon prop release. Is there a secret to removing the prop shaft. He is having a hell of a time getting it out. Thank you
  4. Fuel Tank Removal & Replacement

    Jet Boats
    Hey all, Considering the purchase of a 74 Rogers Bonneville 18' that needs a fuel tank repaired or replaced. Was wondering how difficult it would be to remove the fuel tanks? I understand that a they are glassed in, but not sure whether that means they are encapsulated in glass or is it that...
  5. 12-JG Removal

    Jet Boats
    What is the best way to support the rear of the engine for a 12-JG removal? Any tricks to help removal and reinstall go easier?
  6. Rust removal from prop

    I dye check my prop for cracks, but I dislike removing the rust that builds up after use. I've always used a die grinder with a Scotch-Brite pad, but is there a better way? I'm thinking that a bead blaster would work quicker, easier and more thorough without having to worry about nicking the...
  7. Clear anodizing removal

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Does anyone know how to remove clear anodizing that has experience doing it. The only way I can get it off is sanding. Looking for a chemical way to remove or something easier than sanding.
  8. bow rail removal

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    im looking to remove the bow rail on my 21 ft.its original gel coat.the bolt holes are in the pinstriping prob 4 different colors whats the best way to do this ???
  9. Wear Ring Removal

    Jet Boats
    I am sure this is out there somewhere, what is the trick to removing a wear ring? I have a shouldered wear ring with a non shouldered insulator. I heated the wear ring with a torch until it glowed red and the insulator never melted. I tried a pry bar and screw drivers. It will not budge. Any...
  10. Strut Bushing Removal

    User "How To" Section
    Hey Guys, Anyone care to share their tricks for removing old strut bushings. Need to replace at least the prop end and would like to change out both ends while I have the shaft out. One way is to use a hacksaw blade and carefully cut thought the bushing (I assume in two places, remove the...
  11. bow rail removal caps

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    What has everyone used to cap the holes when they remove their bow rail? I saw a few people had caps custom made, I was hoping to find something to purchase, this seems like a fairly common removal. has anyone used these washers with just a countersunk hex key bolt? Bow Rail Washer 1 1/2" Pad -...
  12. Tiller Arm Removal

    Jet Boats
    Before I get in there and just start beating the thing to death I though I would ask first prior to pounding on it...What's the best way to remove it...I know the key has to come out..see how the arm has slipped for some reason. I noticed it a couple of months ago and it was down about 1/16 and...
  13. Driveline removal

    Jet Boats
    I posted this in the dyno section but I think its more of I pump Issue Im trying to disconnect the driveline from the flywheel to see if the clunk im hearing is the motor or the pump. I could use some help in figuring out how to get the driveline disconnected . I think its a gleenwood bell...
  14. Loader Removal

    Jet Boats
    I could use a little help/advice. I pulled the motor to rebuild and thought what a great time to thru bolt my loader. However, the cheap phillips head screw holding it in will not budge. I'm afraid of shearing or stripping the heads and making things more difficult. Anybody have any advice on...
  15. Jet bowl removal

    Jet Boats
    I bought a second JC pump with a diverter on it. I'd like to just switch the bowl with the one that's currently on my boat. I'm having trouble getting the bowl off of the pump it's on now. Any ideas on how I can get it off?
  16. Fuel Filler Cap Removal

    Jet Boats
    Need some help. Trying to remove the deck mouted fuel filler cap so I can slide the tank back to remove the old steering cable and wiring harness on a '78 Sunkisst. It has side mounted tanks. I have drilled the rivets holding the fuel filler cap but can't get it to pull up. There is no way to...
  17. [Question] Berkeley E pump suction removal and reinstallation

    Jet Boats
    I was gutting this new project and was looking around where the pump intake is bonded to the hull. It has plenty of silicon smeared on the outside and inside where the aluminum meets the fiberglass. Does anyone have any instructions on re-installing it if the bond has been broken? Thanks.
  18. Neovane V-105-3 removal ?

    I am attempting to remove a Neovane V 105-3 water pump from a BBC. I see two bolts that hold it on and have removed them, but it still doesn't come off. Are there more bolts or are the gaskets just holding it in place now. I don't want to start prying or banging on it if it's not ready to...
  19. rub rail removal??

    Jet Boats
    i was looking at the rear of my boat and noticed the rub rail is crooked. is there end caps i could get to terminate the rail on the side but clean up the rear. it wouldnt ever hit anything with the headers and jet sticking out.
  20. Crankshaft hub removal

    GN7 On the Dyno
    is there a special heavy duty puller for removing the crank hub? a regular puller wont budge it, its so tight. 69 chevy 427. thanks!:)st