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  1. Jet Boats
    Duplicate thread. Sorry.
  2. Jet Boats
    Hello all, I'm trying to keep a boat in service for the next couple of months while I build a 468 BBC and source all of the parts to install a BBC into my '70 Cheetah. This boat is new to me. Has a Olds 350 in it. Yesterday morning my son and I took the boat out onto the lake. After...
  3. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Also if anyone has a overdrive pulley or Superchiller for the 525 sc laying around PM me.:wink2:
  4. V-Drives
    just wanna remove the lettering don't want to hurt my gel
  5. V-Drives
    Just bought a set of bassett headers and theres a small dent on one of the primaries. would like to get it out before I have them recoated.
  6. Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Hey all, We just picked up a little '73 D&D flatbottom last weekend, with the intention to just throw a motor in it and go water skiing. However, we are waiting on the motor and just can't resist doing a little bit of cosmetic work on the boat in the meantime. So now we have it off the trailer...
  7. Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Has anyone ever media blasted to remove a couple layers of paint? I have a local guy that can media blast with soda blast but e is not sue if it will effect the gel coat. The boat has one really bad paint job on it, and I need to get it down to he original gel coat. Any help would be greatly...
  8. PB Open Water
    My buddy keeps telling me I need to remove all the easy to take off cushions and bring them inside because the cold damages the vinyl. I say it is safer where it is. With the cover on in the carport. We will usually get to the -10 degrees at the lowest and average 30 degrees most of the winter...
  9. PB Open Water
    I just bought my first flat bottom v-drive with neovane pump which went bad. The original eight flaps are now just two and half. I know the pieces are still in engine, I have only recoverd at most two that were in upper outlet of starboard manifold. Is it common to remove freeze plugs or do I...
  10. V-Drives
    My first time trying to remove the front cover on a 12* Casale. I have all of the parimeter bolts removed and the cover is loose but doesn't want to come off. Figured I could use a 3' pry bar, or ask for help. HELP!
  11. Alexi Sahagian
    I have a 2011 Mercruiser 350 with the catalyst system on it. I am looking for a bit more power and want to upgrade the exhaust system. I am concerned about the catalyst system. I have been looking for information on the best way to handle this, but I cannot find anything specific. Has...
  12. Jet Boats
    Whats the best way to remove powdercoat from aluminum with out messing up the aluminum. I have a part that i want to remove the PC and polish so i don't want to create scratches (sandpaper, media blasting, etc..) I'm thinking some type of chemical stripper. I know PC doesn't like paint...
  13. PB Open Water
    Anyone??? Fresh gelcoat on the transom of my boat and what to clean it with??
  14. Jet Boats
    I have an AT SD-309 pump. I want to replace the teflon bushings. I removed the bolt from each side of the reverse bucket but the pins won't come out and there is no place to grab them. The trim knuckle has pins which stick into the throat and they can be pushed out. Not these. I don't want...
  15. PB Open Water
    What is the best and easiest way to get vinyl registration numbers off of gel coat? I have to get the new ride ready for tomorrow. Thanks:)bulb
  16. PB Open Water
    While winding down from celebrating our nations freedom and enjoying the freedom of sitting around watching boaters and the sunset while having a beer at site 6... LEO's told peeps to pack it up and go away, "we're not doing this tonight". odd, I am confused sometimes...
  17. Outboards
    johnson gt300 Ive heard i need to remove and ive heard not to remove it. I will be modding this motor, should i just do 50:1 and be done with it?
  18. Jet Boats
    I have a 21 ultra stealth w/Indmar 502 and a legend jet. There are 3-4 teeth missing on the flywheel and occassionally the motor stops just there so it wont crank w/o turning the harmonic balancer by hand. Can I remove the flywheel inside the boat or does the motor have to be pulled? The boat...
  19. PB Open Water
    I have to remove the painted on CA reg. numbers off my boat. Does anyone have any ideas? I remember reading in a post about Easy Off oven cleaner to remove. Any suggestions would be appreciated.:)hand
  20. Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I just picked up a flat that has a bitchin gold/red flake gelcoat, the sides and bottom are still very nice, but the entire deck has been painted with a thick grey primer, and several coats and colors of candies. I want to remove the paint and save the gelcoat, from what I can see under it...
1-20 of 26 Results