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  1. Reno to LA Area?

    Anyone traveling from Reno to the LA Area within the next month? Looking to get four wheels/tires from Reno to Long Beach (or anywhere in the LA area). Would be happy to cover a portion of someone's gas bill. If so and able to transport shoot me a PM. Thanks. -Russ
  2. Going to Reno

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Heading up to Hot August Nights. Is there a formula for the amount of fuel change needed going from sea level to 4500ft altitude? Blown and injected on E85. thanks
  3. El Reno- Smoke on the Water - July 12-13, 2014

    Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Here is the information I was provided, I will add to this post as more comes available. Click the big black box.
  4. YAHOO its raining in Reno

    Well not realy hard rain but I did have to Turn on my wipers once on the way to work. Hope lots more coming Wild bill Sparks Nv.:shock:
  5. Does anyone travel from Reno to Sac area?

    I have a paint order at Summit Racing on will call, they can't ship to my area code. I thought if someone was going by there it would be nice to get hooked up. Long shot but worth a try. Thanks Bill 530 622 9791 I live in Placerville, i can meet you anywhere.
  6. Reno Air Races in 3D!

    PB Open Water
    Americas Newsroom - Fox News And it sounds like Reno is not canceled
  7. Reno Air Race

    Political Rhetoric
    PJTV - Live Free or Die - Bill Whittle
  8. Reno Air Races Crash-19+++ dead

    PB Open Water
    Link to tv streaming video: Pop Up Video LIVE Coverage&at1=News&LiveURITitle=Watch LIVE Coverage&LaunchPageAdTag=News&fvCatNo=undefined&secure=undefined&akPort=undefined&akProfile=undefined&rnd=15588106 Main page link: KTVN Channel 2 - Reno Tahoe News Weather, Video - - Home
  9. Hot August Nights Reno

    PB Open Water
    Any one coming into town for HAN. Lots of nice cars in town. I will update tomorrow night with pics as I will be out and about tomorrow...
  10. Reno's street vib's.

    street vib's 9/25/08 thru 9/28/08..:)devil
  11. Hot August Nights in Reno, NV

    PB Open Water
    Posted this also on RDP. Anyone going this coming weekend? I have never been there so looking for advice.
  12. Sad News in Reno

    PB Open Water
    A body was found in south Reno that could be Brianna, a college girl who has been missing for about a month. She was sleeping on a friends couch after a night out and someone took her. This happened in the north end of town near the University of Nevada, body was found yesterday at noon 8 miles...