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  1. WPM dual rams on merc 300x

    Have A WPM hydraulic steering with 2 WPM rams installed on my DCB Mach 26 with twin 300x. One ram is leaking fluid. Would like to have it rebuilt. WPM is out of biz as far as I can tell. Any ideas who can do this? Second question would be, what replacement rams would be compatible?
  2. Cole 20' SS seat repair

    The driver seat fell apart last year. Plan on replacing all the interior soon so I going to repair this one for this season. What a mess.............
  3. looking to repair /have remade with cupranickle or replace intercooler with better 1

    GN7 On the Dyno
    if anyone has a similar take off intercooler from an old set-up or knows where i can have some cupranickle cores built or where i can get mine fixed being they are slainless steel i would appreciate it greatly as mine are starting to leak . need to start getting some options so i can figure out...
  4. Jones tachometer repair

    I am looking for somebody that can replace the Lens in my JONES tach.
  5. [Question] boat repair

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    I have a 30' Sleekcraft with a custom supercharged 502 in need of engine work in preparation for sale. Looking for a good shop in the Sacramento area to do the work and possibly help with the sale. Any suggestions?
  6. More Boat Trailer Repair...

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    For those of us without awesome trailer rebuild/repaint skills, can I get a recommendation for someone to give my Stoker 20.1 trailer the once-over? Have new steps mounted, new axles and brakes installed. Need some paint work and installation of stainless fenders. I'm in the Vacaville...
  7. Boat trailer repair

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    been hearin rumors of this new boat trl repair place, Its called N.Ps TRAILER REFURBISHING two weeks guaranteed turnaround or your money back, as I understand it they also offer GOAT SITTING as an additional service at no charge. sounds like a heckuva deal anyone else heard anything:wink2:
  8. Steel prop repair

    Who does repair work on steel props these days? My cousin has one that needs some cleaning up and a balance check. Thanks Gary
  9. Fiberglass repair in Nor-Cal

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Hi guys. Im in the process of restoring my 72 Sanger bubble deck flatty, and im looking for a good/not super expensive gel coat guy for minor repairs. If you guys know of any good ones near my location in Discovery Bay, Ca 94505 that would be helpful.
  10. Material Question - floor repair

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I have a 21 ft Winner Warrior, with typical floor construction, plywood and fiberglass overtop. The plywood has rotted out making the floor very spongy - obviously I need to replace the plywood. My question is what kind and how much fiberglass do I put overtop the plywood? I am confused by...
  11. Transom Repair

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Pulled cavitation plate off my 19' Sanger and found this nasty looking crack. Luckily there's no rot.Please advise of what products I'll need to fix.
  12. Fiberglass repair - Major hull damage

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I have a pretty good idea what I need to do to make the repairs to the bottom, but wanted to throw it out on the boards for advise. The guy I bought the boat from started grinding and started the repair on the crack with marine poly resin. Should I continue with the poly resin or epoxy? Cut out...
  13. Trailer repair, paint for Madella

    Since it's so darn slow in the forum these days thought I'd do a thread on a Mandella trailer repair and repaint I did for a friend of mine. This is an old Ellis trailer. Seems I didn't take any photo's of the specific before conditions showing some of the issues being addressed one of which was...
  14. Interior Tear (BAD ASS REPAIR)

    Jet Boats
    Last time i had my boat out the back seat flu out a couple of times. I do not no why boat ant that fast. Anyway it hit the scoop and made a big tear in it. I found this girl she does interior repair (BAD ASS REPAIR) See for your self.
  15. Mechanical Tach Repair

    I purchased Jones/Moroso tach and it reads 1800rpm lower than one that I believe is correct Does anyone know where they repair Jones/Moroso tachometers ? Thanks Kevin
  16. Reputable Prop repair?

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Ok Michigan Hot Boaters, who knows of a good prop shop NORTH of Bay City MI? I recently moved about 40 miles north of Bay City and have a 14" Nibral LH 14p that has a bent ear.
  17. fiberglass repair

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I have a 1973 dimarco 19' deep vee hull it is turned upside down now to repair very slight gel-coat blistering and to change the color. I am thinking about painting the whole boat rather than gel-coat and wanted to get input on both. Also wanted to know how to tell if this boat is polyester or...
  18. Need plumber/drywall repair asap

    PB Open Water
    Anybody know of a guy who needs work gotta pipe between the walls up stairs leeking down only happens when somebody uses the guest shower i tore out the drywall i can see it dripping cant get to it need a profesional.....BLUE COLOR U SEE IS THE BOTTOM OF THE BATH kids wedding...
  19. Need repair shop near texas

    Test Post
    Hey All, I have a 1990 Ultra boat with a 454 and Berkley Jet, Sucked a rope and need O ring replaced in jet. Does anyone know of a repair shop that doesn't fix bass boats that can replace O ring and Work on Carb.
  20. engine hatch wood rot repair

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Here is my latest boat related project that turned from a "fix" to a total rebuild of the engine/storage hatch on my wifes 20' Canyon Silhouette. Last year we noticed that the hatch was not closing correctly and that the wood under the hinges was failing. I finally got around to pulling the...