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  1. Reputable Prop repair?

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Ok Michigan Hot Boaters, who knows of a good prop shop NORTH of Bay City MI? I recently moved about 40 miles north of Bay City and have a 14" Nibral LH 14p that has a bent ear.
  2. Any reputable mobile rigger/gel-coater in Southern Cal or Bullhead City/Needles area?

    Jet Boats
    I need some work done on my jet boat... Mostly re-gelcoating the bottom to get rid of the few scratches as the result of beaching and also someone who is really good at removing the existing goop from where my Dominator pump attaches to the transom and redo it cleanly and in the process take...
  3. 4 simple questions from a reputable attorney

    Political Rhetoric
    This really should get your "gray matter" to churning, even if you are an Obama fan. I wouldn't want my hero to be made out to be a liar, would you? For all you "anti-Fox News" folks, none of this information came from Fox. All of it can be verified from legitimate sources (Wikipedia, the...
  4. Looking for a reputable painter..norcal

    I would like to line up a painter to paint my lookin for a shop in the norcal area...want to paint my hondo white with camillion tribal flames on deck...
  5. Looking for a reputable painter..norcal

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I would like to line up a painter to do my boat...its a hondo v drive...colors white with camillion tribal flames on front...sf bay area...any advice would be greatful
  6. Looking for reputable mechanic in Seattle area

    West Coast - North
    I may be looking to buy a boat from Seattle and would like to have the motor checked out before I finalize the deal. Anyone know of a good place that could perform a compression check and leak down test? Thanks!
  7. Anyone need a reputable plumber?

    Other Stuff for Sale
    If anyone is in need of any plumbing services from faucet and sink repair and replacement, water heater replacement, complete kitchen and bathroom remodel or anything in between please contact Derek. Send me a pm or message me on facebook at DG Plumbing. Hopefully some fellow PB's need some...
  8. reputable boat shop in phoenix needed

    i am looking for recommendations for a trustworthy repair shop to take my boat. the problem i am having is with my trim. it will no longer trim up, neither my trim switch or the trailer trim switch will work. it trims down just fine with the shifter trim switch. i did "jump" the up solenoid...
  9. Hello, Is the Doctor reputable....???

    PB Open Water
    awe.... this Hermroid is tear'in the azz outta me.. lmao... happy weekend guys ! - Rick32
  10. reputable bodyshop/painter in Havasu

    PB Open Water
    looking for a quality/resonable person or shop to repair damage to my HD motorcycle. thanks
  11. Reputable Body Shop in Hemet Area!

    PB Open Water
    Skyskier, or anyone else from that area, can you recommend an honest, reputable body shop in the Hemet/San Jacinto area. My MIL got a ding in her car and the insurance company told her to find a shop and get it fixed. She's afraid that if she just picks one out of the book, they'll gouge an old...
  12. Reputable Eye Dr in Havasu

    PB Open Water
    Can anyone recommend an Eye Dr in Lake Havasu? My wife needs to get new contacts and doesn't know where to go. Thanks in advance!