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  1. Parts for Sale
    Up for sale is a Brand New set of double spring 7 degree chromoly retainers for the 1.500 valve spring. The OD is 1.440 ad the steps measure 1.050 and .700...I will take $40 delivered to your door in the lower 48 Thanks for looking..
  2. Parts for Sale
    I have two different sets of brand new 10 degree titanium valve spring retainers. 1st set works with 1.437”-1.500” springs, .720” inner and 1.07” step, for 10 degree locks. $80 2nd set works with 1.500”-1.550” springs, .720” inner and 1.110” step, for 10 degree locks $100
  3. Parts for Sale
    ti retainers for 1.625 dia. springs 2 sets 50.00 each.2 sets bb copper head gaskets one .060 thick one .080 thick. 80.00 each.928 566 4104
  4. Parts for Sale
    Fits gm bbc heads stock pockets good till 800 lift and tituinium retainers and 10 deg comp locks asking 275 shipped spring diameter 1.550 .800 max lift 350 lbs @ 2.000 installed height 895 lbs @ 1.270 open pressure Spring rate 746 lbs Coil Bind 1.160
  5. Parts for Sale
    Trying to gather up machine shop money. I"ll pay shiping Scoop $ 150 OBO Manual place diverter control, floor mount $100 OBO SOLD C pump hand hole cover $20 ( orange ) E pump hand hole cover $20 Rope seal retainer Berk $20 Bearring retainer and seal $ $20 SOLD 21 pitch aluminum prop...
  6. GN7 On the Dyno
    i have a set of manley titanium retainers that are 7 degree. im going to be using springs in the 700 lbs range open and 230 on the seat. whats a safe limit of 7 degree, my other motor has 10 degree thats been fine no issues but i hate leaving these on my shelf and would like to use sooner than...
  7. Parts for Sale
    #74301 Springs and 10* Titanium Retainers,Dyno Time only.215.00 +shipping
  8. Parts for Sale
    I have a couple of new sets of Herbert 10 degree titanium valve spring retainers. 1.437"-1.5" diameter $80, and 1.500-1.550" diameter $100.