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  1. Set of BBC Retrofit Hydraulic Roller Lifters PBM

    Parts for Sale
    Set of PBM hydraulic roller lifters. I never ran them. Bought them for a project but decided to skip the roller cam upgrade this year and just go with another flat tappet. I'm pretty sure that the guy I bought them from said they had about 120 hours on them but who knows. From what I can see...
  2. TuffeNuff Aussie Retrofit Capsule B.A.D.

    Thought a few might like this. Boat looks brilliant, so much attention to detail! Blown Alcohol Displacement back in action!
  3. Diesel Retrofit law and it's effects

    Political Rhetoric
    NOt only is this crippling for the Trucking industy ( we utilze new equipment all the time , but it will suck for a year or so) But lets Think ahead to the effect that this is going to have on the General Public ... To give a brief recap .. all diesels will be "green" There are different...
  4. BBC retro-fit pushrod ?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a Mark IV BBC and am going to install a solid roller cam in it. I have Crane solid roller lifters and CompCams roller rockers. Am I going to need different pushrods to go with a roller cam? Thanks!