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  1. MSD 6M-2 with rev limiter

    Parts for Sale
    $250.00 - Used MSD 6M-2 with rev limiter #6460 It's the one on the right w/rev limiter. 618-567-1804
  2. Anyone know how to remove a Rev limiter on an older 525sc motor?

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Also if anyone has a overdrive pulley or Superchiller for the 525 sc laying around PM me.:wink2:
  3. [SOLD] Mag rev limiter and tach

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    Have an etc rev limiter for magneto ignition and a playback tach with adapter to work with magneto. Pics show most details. $200 for all of it
  4. Rev limiter to Ford HEI /diagram help

    Greg Shoemaker
    Anyone know the wiring diagram for this combo Pro comp to 460 HEI Attached Thumbnails
  5. Rev limiter on ford HEI

    Jet Boats
    Anyone know the wiring diagram for this combo Pro comp to ford 460 HEI Attached Thumbnails
  6. Johnson 48 runs at very high rev even with engine off.

    Hi all. I have a small 16 ft center console boat with Johnson 48 SPL 1996 2-cyl motor. Last nigh I was overtaking a bigger boat and got stock on the peak of that boat's wake for a few seconds. I guess the motor was out of the water for that time. After I passed the boat my motor started acting...
  7. 19P Rev 4 Prop

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    Selling my spare prop from my old boat... 19P Revolution 4 reworked by the prop shop and sat in the box since. $350.00 951-377-2775 Text Please
  8. Msd 6m-2 & rev lim.

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    MSD 6M-2 w/ MSD Soft Touch Rev Limiter ( No chip ) w/ polished mounting plate as shown. Also, MSD Blaster coil w/ chrome sleeve. Everything works perfectly, I am going to the new more compact system for the new motor. Total : $250.00 + shipping.
  9. Rev. Wright of trinity church in chicago

    Political Rhetoric
    You peice of shit. You want to say (God Damm America) your words out of your mouth. Well get the fuck out of the U.S. of A. To use GODS name in vane from a so called rev is sickening. I hope God strikes you down and cast you into hell for eturnity.
  10. WTB 6200 to 6900 MSD Rev chip for MSD 6AL

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    WTB 6200 to 6500 MSD Rev chip for MSD 6AL Looking to see if anybody may have a rev chip in the 6200 to 6500 range that they aren't needing. Thanks...........john edit... I meant 6500 not 6900.....john
  11. PSI Rev Limiters for mag

    Parts for Sale
    Lots of different RPM w/ drives. $ 210 each mailed
  12. wanted...fwd rev cable clamps

    Parts for Sale
    need 2 bc cable clamps asap...what you got? used new doesnt matter, just need 2 asap. Thanks
  13. [For Sale] 2006 Beta Rev 3 Trials Motor Bike

    ATV, Offroad, Dirt Bikes
    2006 Beta Rev3 Trials Bike. 270cc 2 stroke, FMF spark arrestor plus unused factory muffler, and lights and everything that comes with them when new. NM Title, Has not been ridden in the last 2 years. Great shape. $2500 obo
  14. Rev comes home from the great white north ....

    Outboard Church
    It was epic...:)devil I wanted my tunnel bad !!! :)Violin
  15. MSD rev limit ?

    Jet Boats
    in my 514 BBF I just had my MSD pro-billet dist rebuilt by MSD an they upgraded it with built in rev limiter. I have 6al box, a blaster SS coil, and 8350 dist with is locked out. My question is shld i keep the 6AL box an use the rev limit from it, or remove box an use rev limit from dist? Thanx
  16. MSD Soft Touch Rev Limiter Part No. 8768

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    Title says it all. Bought it and never used it. $35.00 and you pick it up Travis 714-276-5268 Fullerton, CA
  17. REV 1.88 x 11/32 BB Chev Inconel ex valves

    Parts for Sale
    New set, 1.88 x 5.45 oal x 11/32 stem Inconel ex valves 320.00 shipped
  18. PSI Rev Limiters

    Parts for Sale
    Have these rpms: 9500 9200 x 3 8800 8500 8300 7800 $ 200 each w/ the Dunn Cross Drive
  19. WTB - Mercury Rev4

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    I am looking for a Merc Rev4 prop with Flo Torq hub. Open to 23, 24, 25 Pitch. Email me at [email protected]
  20. MSD 6T Ignition Box.Soft Touch Rev Control,Blaster Coil

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