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  1. Drive/Trans ricky boats have powerglide for a arneson drive.

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    powerglide with torque converter. been seating for 3 or 4 year, good shape.
  2. Ricky Gaunt's DCB

    PB Open Water
    As I've said before, I never understood why all these big dollar poker run/offshore boats came with everything including the kitchen sink but never capped. This is (sprint car legend) Ricky Gaunt's DCB. He had it capped before adding a custom paint job from Billy B.. This thing should look...
  3. where is Ricky Bobby

    West Coast - South
    im on fire im on firehil:)hil:)hil:)hil:)
  4. Is Ricky Martin gay?

    PB Open Water
    Someone told me he was gay. Did he come out of the closet? He bangs?