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  1. Political Rhetoric
    presidential contender encourages armed insurrectionTed Cruz thinks Americans should arm themselves against "tyranny," and Lindsey Graham thinks that's crazy VIDEOSIMON MALOY Follow Share 1K 95 188 TOPICS: VIDEO, TED CRUZ, LINDSEY GRAHAM, 2016 ELECTIONS, SECOND AMENDMENT, GUN...
  2. Political Rhetoric
    Aaron Harvey upset about son's Constitutional rights assignment A Florida dad is irate over a note his son's fourth grade teacher made him write saying he'd give up his Constitutional rights. Jacksonville-area father Aaron Harvey says he found a piece of paper in his kid's backpack that said...
  3. Political Rhetoric
    I was watching CSPAN last night. A congressman stood at the podium and said there are many extras in the Background Check Bill. He said one of the extras would turn many law abiding americans into felons. If you lost, misplaced, and/or guns was stolen. You would have to notify the Attorney...
  4. Political Rhetoric
    Here Are the 46 Senators Who Voted to Turn Your Gun Rights Over to UN | The Gateway Pundit
  5. Political Rhetoric
    Was reading in another thread and someone had posted a George Carlin clip. Here is George's take on Rights. It starts about the 4:20 point. George Carlin -Rights and Privileges - YouTube You have to admit he does make a few good points. :stir:
  6. Political Rhetoric
    Impeachment Time: Obama Grants Eminent Domain Rights to China to Secure Debt - Washington DC Republican | Impeachment Time: Obama Grants Eminent Domain Rights to China to Secure Debt William Dupray , DC Republican Examiner February 27, 2009 - Like this...
  7. PB Open Water
    If a house is in short sale or possible pre forclosure what would be your rights? Right now our friend found out on her own that the house she is renting is in short sale. What is her right to have the house shown? Can the property managment company, which is also the broker, be able to come in...
  8. Political Rhetoric
    Now we are looking into a small window of Sotomayor's way of thinking. What's next? Baseball bats? Ninja swords? STEAK KNIVES!!!???
  9. Political Rhetoric
    Assault on our 2nd Amendment rights in Louisiana Headed up by the "minority"! What a ****ing joke! :|err :( :( :mad: :mad: :mad: Not much different than New Orleans. :)sphss
  10. Political Rhetoric
    I did my part to participate in exercising my 2nd. Amendment rights yesterday. Welcoming my newest addition. :D
  11. PB Open Water
    16 illegals sue Arizona rancher Claim violation of rights as they crossed his land Jerry Seper (Contact) Monday, February 9, 2009 Comment Print<LI class=clearfix>Font Size Share Got a Question? You Report Click-2-Listen Buzz up! An Arizona man who has waged a 10-year campaign to stop a...
  12. Political Rhetoric
    Some of you dip shits can talk all the crap you want but this woman is definitely qualified to be VP. Mainly because she uses common sense instead of emotion and BS.
  13. PB Open Water
    So, after all has been said and done this "Shootout " weekend. Who has the rights?
  14. PB Open Water
    Propane tanks beware!!! BNAG!