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  1. 1997 red rock river v drive video

    something to look at on a rainy day..get ya pumped for summer.......THANKS TO SHARPSHOOTER JERRY
  2. Table Rock V-Drives

    Does anyone with a v-drive, boat on Table Rock Lake? I have seen a few jets and "larger" cigarette type boats. Dave
  3. Rock dam being built across False River

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    It's official, there will be a rock dam "salinity barrier" installed across West False River starting this month. It will be removed Nov 1 (it'll be seasonal, like the gates at Walnut Grove), and officials say it is to stop saltwater intrusion into the lower Delta - due to the sever drought. So...
  4. Rock Auto water pressure sensors? $84 less than Merc. Anyone tried them?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Delete post, found my answer and it's no :)
  5. Castle Rock Shores Show & Shine 8th Annual

    Well its getting to be that time again and the Folks at Castle Rock Shores are putting on their 8th Annual Show & Shine Sept 6th 2014 this is always a Fun event to attend if you want to check out some Nice Boats and Hot Rods.
  6. Castle Rock Shores Show & Shine 8th Annual

    PB Open Water
    Well its getting to be that time again and the Folks at Castle Rock Shores are putting on their 8th Annual Show & Shine Sept 6th 2014 this is always a Fun event to attend if you want to check out some Nice Boats and Hot Rods.
  7. rocker bottom hull jet drive

    Jet Boats
    I am building an amphibious vehicle (aluminium hull 20 ftX8ft. at Gvw5500#the null is 6* degree dead rise there is a slight rocker in keel about3 degrees. boston whaler or sea sled type hull with wheels in outboard sponsons. is a 350 chev /powerglide .powering an american turbine up to it...
  8. Hail Hail Rock and Roll....

    PB Open Water
    I watched the entire show this AM on the BOUNCE network... Pretty well done show I think... I may go see Ole Chuck with my son next week just bcuz of this show... Full movie:
  9. [Pics] Janice Miller's work covers ROCK!!!

    Kudo's and a big THANK YOU to Janice for the awesome boat work cover she stitched up for my Kelron Spitfire. Not to leave out Bobby, he spent alot of time searching for a matching color to the boat (ultimately went with a subtle grey). I sent some detailed dimensioned drawings and they started...
  10. Castle Rock Show & Shine 2013

    OK.......Its that time of year again the Folks at Castle Rock Shores are having their 7th Annual Show & Shine :D Sorry having problems uploading the Picture of the Flyer, It's September 14th for more info you can call them at (928) 667-2344
  11. Chris rock says Obama is our 'boss'

    Political Rhetoric
    This is who the mainstream culture listens to and watches. How pathetic.:))ThumbsDwn
  12. Looking for rock grate/loader 4 jacuzzi pump.

    Parts for Sale
    I believe I have a jacuzzi wj pump with the energizer kit, I need a rock grate or loader for it, I see it holds in with 2 bolts, I can't tell exactly what pump it is or if there is a difference in the wj or yj grate. Thanks also maybe a ride plate if anyone knows of one. i have pictures of the...
  13. Kid Rock

    Political Rhetoric
    Says he's sorry that Obama didn't do a better job however, he enjoyed the Romney-Zero debate so much that he might throw a keg party for the Ryan/Biden debate! Kid Rock endorsed Paul Ryan! I wouldn't mind attending that. Kid Rock: Sorry Obama 'didn't do a better job' Never pay again for...
  14. Party like a Rock Star, Party like a Rock Star!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Well we all new it, but here's the number, 1.4 BILLION tax payer dollars Obama has spent on himself and his family, quoting him directly, "In the worst recession since the great depression!" Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion on Obama family last year | The Daily Caller
  15. 2012 Castle Rock Shores Show & Shine Pics

    Races and Boating Events
  16. Rock and roll

    Outboard Church
    Watch the 1:37 spot of the video.... LAKE TV / LAKE EXPO NEWS UPDATE - YouTube
  17. George Lucas rock on!

    Political Rhetoric
    After using up 25 years of his life trying to build to build his own production facility on the 5000+ acres he owns in marin county.... And the eco-freeks gaming him the entire time... And after all that time it was looking like he had finally won, the county officials somehow thought it would...
  18. You rock Ted

    Political Rhetoric
    Ted Nugent said to a group of NRA confrence attendes that if barack obama wins this election in Nov. he won't be alive or he'll be in jail by this time next year. maybe not far from the truth.
  19. What do YOU all think is the BIG ROCK???

    Political Rhetoric
    What is the single largest issue facing this nation? The issue SO large that it could cause our nation to fall beyond a point of recovery? A) Debt of the Federal Govt B) Jobs / investment by the private sector C) Education D) Health Care
  20. Flat Rock MI?

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Anybody live close to Flat Rock going to the Winter Party? Possibly take some headers home with them for a Boater in Ohio?