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  1. Parts for Sale
    I got a set of Canfield 310's for a big block chevy I am selling. Heads are in great shape, they come with stainless valves, solid roller springs, titanium retainers, and jesel shaft rockers. The whole package had 8 passes on it when the bottom end had a problem. Asking $2100 or best offer...
  2. GN7 On the Dyno
    Looking for advice, I have a new to me Gen V BBC tall deck, I pulled the girdle and rocker arms off to check everything out and noticed that exhaust rocker are hitting the poly locks at close to max lift, looks like the builder ground the slots the clearance them, any suggestions on what I need...
  3. Parts for Sale
    Thanks guys all parts are (SOLD)......Never ran Morel # 5374 Hyd Roller lifters came from Straub tech.. $350.00.. (Sold) Comp Cams used Hyd roller lifters #854 looks as good as new $175.00..(sold) Used set of mixed crane 1.7 Roller rockers good condition $100.00. (SOLD) I still have the Morels....
  4. PB Open Water
    wanna find out what you big HP guys are running on your river cruiser motors. stud mount rockers or shaft mount...and why?
  5. Parts for Sale
    FOR SALE Stellings 2 blade 11 by 15 lh 1 inch $250 T and D shaft rockers with stands came off bbc with dart pro 1 heads also included is manton push rods $700 call/text for pics and info 562-577-9060
  6. Parts for Sale
    (SOLD) BBC roller rockers by comp cams... For sale is a set of like brand new COMP CAM 1620-16 Ultra pro Magnum Rocker Arms. They are 7/16in. Ratio 1.7in Chevy Big Block 396-454 cid full set of 16. They're from summit racing $333.83 on line. I will take $225 shipped to your door! Any ?s call me...
  7. Parts for Sale
    Brand new (these heads have never been run) AFR 335 CNC heads done by Joey Grose in Lodi with flow sheets. (cost 2912.91 bare) Manley race master valves 2.3" int 1.88" exh (cost 265.00) Manley 1.625 roller springs 330# seat and 900# open @ .800 (cost 550.00) Manley titanium retainers and 10...
  8. Parts for Sale
    PAIR of 088 iron heads, fully assembled stainless valves, dual springs, (dont know specs) but had a GM hyd roller cam. READY TO BOLT ON - $800 NEW PRICE / MAKE OFFER
  9. Parts for Sale
    I have a brand new set of yella terra 1.7 ratio big block chevy rockers. These are the platinum series for conventional bbc heads, new in the box. Took them on trade from a buddy, no need for them right now. $650, or shoot me an offer! Mark (209)-747-2715
  10. GN7 On the Dyno
    when changing from hartland 1.7 to crane gold 1.7 rockers will push rod geometry change both have 7/16 studs
  11. Parts for Sale
    Almost new Comp Cams 7/16, 1.8, stainless steel roller rockers; Comp Cams Part #1128-8. Only eight of them have been used and the others eight are brand new. The used ones were put on the exhaust side of a BBC with a small hydraulic street cam in an effort to make better power, very little use...
  12. Parts for Sale
    these are 1.75 no stands will fit big block heads call 916-628-4148 brodix head hunter…….. dart sold
  13. Parts for Sale
    I bought these on ebay slightly used. Two of them are brand new. Full set of 16. When my motor guy went to build he told me I needed the Endurance style and not the racing style for whatever reason. These are the "RACING" model. Let me know if you have any questions. $125.00.
  14. Bob Teague
    What roller rockers work under stock 496 valve covers? Have crane studs 7/16 over 8 MM and some comp stainless rockers. Can i just cut my poly-locks down to 1.00 from the stock 1.300?
  15. GN7 On the Dyno
    This is just a little insight into what I do here almost on a daily basis and what we run into. Setting up rocker geometry for a customer. Customer sent in their heads and another brand of rockers. We did the cam and provided new Morel lifters. This is a solid roller deal with about .740 net...
  16. Parts for Sale
    Looking for new or close to new set of T&D Shaft rockers for a BBC with Dart Pro1 heads. The one piece bar arrangement, not the individual stand style. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have a set sitting on your parts shelves:hmmm:
  17. Parts for Sale
    My brother bought this boat back around 2003 and replaced everything. I got a lot of the old parts off of it including these rockers. My brother drove this boat briefly before it spun a bearing. I was saving them for my Chevelle, but I bought a complete engine that already has a set of good...
  18. Parts for Sale
    Complete set of Quick Lift Crane Cams Shaft Rockers for Big Block Chevrolet Will fit most OEM, Dart Pro 1 and AFR. They were new in the box and sat on the shelve for a number of years and then we ran them for just one season (3 races). We then changed heads and went to a totally different set...
  19. Parts for Sale
    i have a set of howards roller rockers 1.7 ratio poly locks & stud girdles 250.00 plus the ride pm or call 269-327-6411 i will post the rest of the parts later with details all parts are for sale in the pic
  20. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a set of nice roller rocker arms for 454 (468) build! 1.7 or 1.8 Pm me or send pic's price what you have. 951-623-6299
1-20 of 67 Results