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  1. 2016 Enduro 300 Roll Call

    Racer's the 2016 Blue Water Resort & Casino 300 Enduro is a go! We are on for Saturday, October 29th! Start making plans!! Given the short time frame to make this happen I'm starting this roll call list as we need as many entries to make this race a success! Here's the list so far: 1. R...
  2. [Event] Hardy Dam hotboat Roll call!

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Who's going to show up?
  3. Burley Roll call...

    The Burley regatta committee is concerned with the pit space.. They have your best interest in mind and they want to make the 2016 regatta the best one ever... Please limit your responses here to boat count only. Lets help them out by posting your Class and boat number so they can get a idea...
  4. SCSC's Lake Ming Regatta Roll Call

    SE Crackerbox GN Comp Jet GPS 95 Superstock Pro Stock Classic Endurance River Racer Jet 1 Liter Mod Hydroplane
  5. Wamplers roll call...

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Last event of the year, anybody coming to this chin dig?... Going to be in the low 60's but sunny, at least it's not snowing "yet"...
  6. San diego bayfair roll call

    Ok who's in... PS 75 is in PS...? SS...? SS 501 is in. SS 75 if needed (need to know so i bring enough fuel) Lets go racing people K's??? SE ??? SE 81 is in
  7. lucas , Marble Falls Roll call or not

    Races and Boating Events
    Headed to Marble Falls, Texas for the races and to see what fiasco will happen next!
  8. Gun Lake roll call...

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Anybody attending this meet?
  9. ROLL CALL : Augusta Southern National

    Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series - LODBRS
    Who's going , Ill be there in the parking lot , we'll be staying in a Prevost Coach , stop by and say Hi !!
  10. Holloway Roll Call

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Anybody going to this B or what... Saturday Mostly sunny. Highs 69 to 73.
  11. 2015 NYD Camp Far West Roll Call

    It only seems appropriate with the rain filling up the lake to start a Roll Call. :party-smiley-020:Hope to see you there !!
  12. Roll Call Parker Thanksgiving

    Lets get this started, who's in? PS 75 will be there PS 741 SS/PS 22
  13. Holloway roll call Aug 9th

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Trying to get a feel for how many boats will be coming. Last year everyone met up over at the Columbiville side and everyone brought food to pass for all. Is this still a good plan or something different?
  14. ROLL CALL : Augusta Southern Nationals

    PB Open Water
    ​Who's going ?
  15. Fiberglass 10oz plain weave 100 yard roll

    Other Stuff for Sale
    I have a sealed box of Fiberglass 10oz plain weave 100 yard roll asking $500 plus the trip, offers accepted. pm me with any questions Brian
  16. [Event] Roll Call for June 13-15 Wheatland, MO

    Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series - LODBRS
    PWC 404l will be in early Friday morning. :))THumbsUp
  17. Lake Havasu drag boat roll call

    Jet Boats
    Ken Smith Memorial Drag Boat Nationals @havasu Who's racing, what class? Who is watching? The S/E 177 will be there running. :))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp:thumb::yes:
  18. NJBA Opener (Bakersfield) Roll Call

    I'm gonna assume it's because of all the last minute thrashing going on, but it's been awfully quiet in here, so I thought I'd post a roll call for this weekend's NJBA race. Post up if you're gonna be there...
  19. wild horse pass roll call

    Jet Boats
    Whose running? How many boats are we going to have in QE?
  20. Hail Hail Rock and Roll....

    PB Open Water
    I watched the entire show this AM on the BOUNCE network... Pretty well done show I think... I may go see Ole Chuck with my son next week just bcuz of this show... Full movie: