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  1. All New Ron Deems Blown 427 For Sale

    Parts for Sale
    Professionally built by Ron Deems, all new parts never fired. JE Pistons Scat Rods 427 Forged Crank Crower Rockers,Cam, Springs and Roller Lifters Dart Pro 1 Heads Demon Carbs Blower Shop 8-71 setup Milodon Pan MSD Dist and Wires Contact: Jeff Diehl [email protected] Serious buyers only...
  2. Ron jones

    Just received some sad news today. Ron Jones of Seattle area passed away today. built many different kinds of race boats. he was best known for hydros.
  3. Ron Hill 11-15 LH 3 blade prop.

    Parts for Sale
    Stainless prop. Too small for my boat, not enough gear. $400 plus ride from Reno NV. PM me if interested.

    Jet Boats
    Anybody use this shop or this guy COOL PARTS UNLIMITED (Ron Samoian)
  5. Ron Bolton photo needed.

    Do any of the boat photographers out there have any side shots of Ron Bolton driving his K-9 ? Would appreciate anything you got. Thanks in advance..:))THumbsUp
  6. Contact for Ron s

    Hi just wondering if anyone has recent contact details for Ron samoian at all. I'm from Australia and he won't reply to my mags after paying him for some parts thanks
  7. Jack and Ron Ehde

    I was just reviewing some stuff in the HBD and realized that there are two Ehde's listed- Ron and Jack. Ron designed a bunch of boats, but the only thing I have listed for Jack is that he drove a Hydroflite really fast in UGH. Anybody have any stories about them? Where they brothers, cousins...
  8. Ron Capps' incredible ride...

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Has nothing to do with boats, but this is amazing...
  9. Ron Woodruff, Gordon Jennings

    PB Open Water
    I have a 1974 Campbell. The Campbell boat registry says it was bought by a Woodruff. Is Ron woodruff still around. My campbell has odd/race parts we may think it was an early racer. I would like ask Ron Woodruff a few question if he is still around. I know woodruff owned a few K boats n...
  10. Thank You Ron and Joey Grose

    The Boys out at DPT have built a bad ass propeller for the hydro. Being the first to test one, in the Chump Change boat at the last NJBA race, we were in the low 3.9 1/8 mile times. That was the quickest it had ever run, being a couple thousands off of the record @6.80. Just got done testing...
  11. Ron Hill

    Anyone have a good # number for Ron Hill Marine? I call the 800# on their website and get the 'not in sevice' message, WTF!
  12. Wanted ron davis radiator

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for a ron davis for a chevy with shroude and fans
  13. Ron Paul

    Political Rhetoric
    I am worried about Ron Paul not endorsing Romney at the convention. Rand Paul is going with the program, and has worked some Liberterian goals into the platorm. Will the stuborn Ron Paul screw up every thing and endorse Gary Johnson, who may effect the Republican vote by 8-10% ?
  14. Another Ron Jones -

    PB Open Water
    Brought it home from the trim shop yesterday. Two years in and it is almost done. LT
  15. Ron Paul needs to win !

    Political Rhetoric
    America needs to shit-can all the corrupt status quo politicians who want to bleed America to !!! ..... This video shows the type off folks who support Ron Paul. Notice they are not weathy elities, not impoverished welfare crowd. They just look like decent middle class Americans of...
  16. Ron Paul

    Political Rhetoric
    In my opinion if he wins in Iowa it proves they are an irrelevant State and wast of time for people and news outlets.
  17. Ron Braaksma Abuse

    This is directed at a about 16 different people. Ron and I had a list of people that owed him, and he had a list of people that owed me. We called it the black list. Just because Ron has passed ,does not give you the right to stiff his family. I am also aware of a few people that pulled last...
  18. Troops on Ron Paul

    Political Rhetoric
    The most "Reagan-isk" like candidate. You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy - YouTube
  19. Ron Paul gets another endorsement!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Yet another reason to support Ron Paul!! See below and read the comments :))THumbsUp Ron Paul Not Invited To Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Candidates Forum