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  1. Ross Piston 4.310 Blower

    Parts for Sale
    November 22, 2015 Hello People Cleaning out my garage and I have a new set of Ross Blower pistons for sale. They were a custom job for a 10.200 block, 4.310 bore reverse dome, 1.525 c.h., 990 - 2390 pins, rod length 6.535 and crank 4.250. Change rods to 6.660 rod and use a 4.00...
  2. Manley rods & ross pistons for sale

    Parts for Sale
    6.535 Manley Rods with APR 2000 Rod bolts and 4.560 14/1 CR Ross Pistons Need to go to pump gas Like new, used about 3 river trips. $750 Call or text Bryan 323-707-1888
  3. Eng. Parts Ross racing pistons *new*

    Parts for Sale
    Set of Ross Racing Pistons New in box, Terms cash or Check, NO PAYPAL Includes Ground Shipping within continental US. $450.00 904-704-7108
  4. bbc set of ten custom ross pistons, hamberger oil pan

    Parts for Sale
    ross 4.470 bore dome piston for bbc, 4.250 stroke not sure what size the domes are but they are big. i would say 12.5-13 to 1 with around 119cc head. they are new with childs and albert rings. have locks but no pins. $150 plus the ride 10qt hamberger oil pan. used but no problems. $125 plus the...
  5. Thanks to and Ross de Boss

    ...for having the live streaming of the Regatta on the 'net. You've got a customer of that dealio for life. It was good, and I'll bet it'll be even better next year. Thanks!
  6. [SOLD] Manley Aluminum Rods / Ross Domed Pistons

    Parts for Sale
    ALL PARTS ARE SOLD This is an aluminum rod/forged piston combo but the pistons and rods may be sold seperately. Pistons are for a Ford 429/460 engine, and the rods may be used in whatever you want. Manley aluminum rods. They are still part of a piston/rod combo but the rods are approximately a...
  7. [SOLD] Ford 460 Ross Dome Top Pistons

    Parts for Sale
    ALL PARTS ARE SOLD Custom dome top pistons by Ross Racing Pistons. Includes custom dome top pistons, spirolox pin clips, brand new 1/16-inch ring set. These are designed to be used with OEM 460 stroke crankshaft and OEM length 460 connecting rods. For OEM 460 stroke crankshaft and OEM length...
  8. [SOLD] Reher Morrison / Manley Rods w/ Ross Pistons

    Parts for Sale
    I have a complete set of (8) Ross 320704 pistons with Manley forged 6.535" H beam rods with ARP 2000 bolts. Setup came out of a Reher Morrison 555ci package. The set only has a few runs on them. Ross Piston Specs: Deg 25 Bore 4.560 CH 1.120 Net Dome CC 48.60 Dome Height .515 Gram Wt. 575g...
  9. ross wallach tv superstar

    so did any one catch the auction hunters on tv last nite? they found a miniboat in one of the storage lockers.. the scene featured our own ross as the guy with the info on the addictor boat and also as he haggered on price. pretty cool
  10. Ross the RC Predator....

    Jet Boats
    Lookin for meat. :)hand
  11. Hey Ross

    Your time is coming............