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  1. WTB / looking for - Bravo 1 30 or 32 pitch prop RH rotation

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Hi guys! I'm looking for a Bravo 1 30 pitch prop - RH rotation. that or a labbed 32 pitch. This is going on a 96 Daytona Eliminator 25. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Mark
  2. WTB / looking for.... Bravo 1 30 or 32 pitch prop RH rotation

    Parts for Sale
    Hi! I'm looking for a Bravo 1 30 pitch prop - RH rotation. that or a labbed 32 pitch. This is going on a 96 Daytona Eliminator 25. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Mark
  3. BBC Reverse Rotation Drive for sale...

    Parts for Sale
    If you want to run a RH prop with a Flywheel driven Big Block Chevy, Here it is: Hydraulic Marine 427 Camshaft, (grouved rear journal) Mercury Electronic Distributor with wires, 2 GM cast Timing gears instead of normal chain (spins the cam backwards) and a reverse rotation Starter. I can send...
  4. WTB RH Rotation Stellings or Record Props

    Parts for Sale
    Got any laying around? I'll take em off your hands. 1 inch shaft. Message here, or call/ txt 425-765-6758. Kip
  5. bravo drive rotation

    Bob Teague
    I have 1990 Baja 370es with twin stock Mercruiser 454/425hp and bravo one outdrive, 21 mirage plus propeller, top speed with good condition 61 to 63 mph at 4700 rpm, outdrive rotation (port cw) (starboard ccw) is the correct rotation? or if I should reverse the outdrive? thx Dan
  6. Looking for a 12x15 Menkins 2 blade RH rotation

    PB Open Water
    Im looking for a 2 blade Menkins right hand rotation 12x15 can be 1 1/8 or 1" shaft, can be 14.5, 15, or 16 inch pitch, need s to be a high raked propeller. It can be old and rusty, just cant be damaged
  7. 2 blade D&J 11 x 15 RH rotation prop $200

    Parts for Sale
    prop from my old lavey circle boat $200 626-991-2129 Eric can ship or deliver to most of so cal
  8. Reverse Rotation Prop on standard bravo 1 drive

    So a buddy of mine just purchased a Hallet Deck boat and it seems to lean to the left all the time since all the passengers are always on the left side of the boat (Right side captains chair). Question... He needs a new prop anyway would it be wise to think of getting a left hand prop to help...
  9. 99 durango TIRE ROTATION ? HELP

    PB Open Water
    99 DODGE you rotate tires front to back same side or or SWITCH SIDES
  10. wtb 28 pitch 4 blade R rotation for bravo 1

    Parts for Sale
  11. [Question] Rotation Ford FE?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Quick question, what's the rotation of an FE (390) looking at front of engine?
  12. TRS Complete Standard Rotation

    Parts for Sale
    This came off my Fountain 8.8 . Was working just fine but I grenaded the other side and converted to Konrads. Sorry but the Lathem wingplates are long gone. $1000. [email protected]
  13. Need a reverse Rotation Starter for a 460 Ford

    Jet Boats
    It mounts behind the flywheel, pointing at the motor at the 11:00 position. So where do I get a reverse rotation Ford BB starter in Tacoma ASAP? Calling RE Electric in the AM. Tacoma Marine? Yikes Thanks
  14. Right or Left Hand Rotation?

    I want to buy a used prop for my boat but is a standard single prop Bravo I drive need a Left or Right hand rotation prop?
  15. Bravo 26P Left hand rotation 26 prop

    Parts for Sale
    New...Perfect condition ( I can wipe the dust off pre delivery;)) Avaliable for pick up in Tustin or Corona $350.00 obo Brandin 714-745-8845
  16. Prop Rotation

    I need a 101 class. Turn in or turn out? Why?